Wind, washing and wonderful Monday food!


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Well, tis windy here again, but the girls have gone out (snow and ice melted in the school and field finally - hurrah!), we've had pasta bake for lunch (my own recipe she announces shyly:unsure:) and the Graze box has landed - so it doesn't get much better! Plus we are having pan fried salmon with red and yellow peppers, onions, chilli, lemon, lime and coriander for our evening meal served on a bed of mexican stylie rice with garlic bread on the side. Mmmmmmm. The wind is the only real spanner in the works............Ooooh, and OH has bought Dr Who with Tom Baker off itunes today - so am going to watch it for the first time since childhood (I used to hide behind the sofa, lets see if I still need to do that aged 43!lol). I've watched the newer ones, but Tom Baker is way back when - and he used to scare me!!! Hahahahahahaa.
So what are you all up to? Anything thrilling? Or just glad to get Monday out the way for another week?


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Jan 7, 2013
Went to the docs this morning,came home and took the dogs for a walk with mum then went to the yard to feed malaika and give her a fuss.have spent the rest of the day watching some parelli and now I've started watching sex and the city with a hot sweet cup of tea!I'm beyond bored now and desperatly want to go back to work and be on my feet more,there is a permanent butt indentation on the sofa from me sitting with my leg up and I've gone from been in love with ice packs to cringing at the thought :frown:


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Apr 5, 2002
South Yorkshire
Trying to climb back on the diet wagon, weighed myself this morning and wasn't happy! Although my scales do seem to be a bit random lately so going to change the batteries!
For lunch I had made some BBQ chicken and had that with salad, yummy. Getting quite into this salad lark.
Tea tonight is chicken curry (again!) my made up recipe is really yummy and addictive! Hehe


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Well the wind made bringing the girls in like something from a Benny Hill sketch!lol Storm ESCAPED! Hahahahahaha - first time she's managed that one since we've lived here! I thought (quite wrongly) that she was waiting patiently by the gate behind Chloe. Wrong! OH caught and put a headcollar neatly on Chloe but Storm shimmied through the gate behind and cantered off on the horizon! She didn't go far - was quite funny actually she turned around came snorting back after deciding she didn't like the look of the neighbours field and came to "round" us all up! lol. Bless her, she wasn't happy until we'd all been safely rounded up into the school and frog-marched (frog-hoofed) back to the stables! I think Chloe was more giddy than she was!!!! Hehehehehheee
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