Why did my legs rub my horse?? *Help!*


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Jan 3, 2007
I've been sharaing a horse for about a month and today when we were out hacking I started to do some schooling ie. circles, bending, transitions ect. I wanted to to keep her up between leg and hand, listening so whilst doing this i had my toothpaste image in by head (squeezing her up, sometimes alternate legs to get her listen and moving forward)

She worked really well and started to soften and go "on to the bit", however when i got back to the yard i noticed some rubs on her side where i think my legs were. This has never happened to me when riding before and i don't know why it happened today:confused: If some would like to enlighten me i would be very grateful as i am slightly confused and worried cos i don't want to cause her any discomfort.


May 23, 2006
Cambridge, UK
Was it your legs or your shoes? The only time this has happened to me was when I was riding in trainers - being made of rubber soles they rubbed lots of hair off. I've never ridden in trainers again.


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Jan 4, 2005
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Do you mean you have rubbed the hair out and the horse is bald or do you mean you have fluffed up the hair a bit. I wouldn't worry about either unless it gets much worse. At this time of year, i'e when casting their winter coat and growing their summer coat, the hair is more likely to rub, my horse always gets spots on his neck where the reins touch and the back of the saddle, where my saddle cloth ends, where my legs go too sometimes, my friends horse is always well bald where her legs go at this time of year, it always grows back with the summer coat though.

As long as there is no heat, inflammation, pain or discomfort dont worry, also make sure your boots or chaps are clean, just incase it is something else that is rubbing her.


There's a distinct possibility if you're not down to skin that it's just winter coat which is about to shed and has become brittle. I've got this with one of mine, although my riding might not be helping :)


would rather be riding...
Jan 3, 2007
No she's not bald!! The hair has just got shorter and rougher, mum suggested it could be her coat but she was fully clipped about 6-8 weeks ago so i didn't know if she would still malt the same:confused:

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Nov 6, 2005
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This is common in english riding when the rider's legs are close to the horse's sides and the flaps of the saddle are short. More than likely she's shedding and your leg rubbing caused it to fall out. Try to keep your legs quiet and don't move them. When I did a transition from Western to English I had a hard time keeping my legs 'quiet'.

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Some horses just seem more prone to it, possible because of their shape, their hair coat, their saddle position or their movement. There is one IDx at the RS who used to rub really badly (even thought loads of different people rode him) and they used to out a towel under his saddle/girth to protect the area.
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