Whoops I fell off, traffic training starts sooner than I expect

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Oh dear I fell off Billy again. That's the 3rd time in 13 months. It was nothing major, I think the body protector took the impact as I went splat on the drive.
But the traffic/confidence training has come sooner than I expected. The people with the fields right next to the yard are having a flood defence put in, as they got flooded a few years ago. My yard owner told me a couple of weeks ago that they were starting sometime in January, but no date. So I got to the yard yesterday morning and there's about 10 blokes dressed top to toe in hi-viz jackets, trousers and hard hats. The boys had grown god knows how many feet. Their rabbit in the lights, eyes on stalks said it all. Why the boys should act like that considering I were a hi-viz jacket all the time at the yard.
I was going to the yard to hack anyway but when I was told that they were bringing in equipment jcbs, porter cabin, site office etc, I thought its a good job i'm hacking out so there both more chilled in the field to watch at a distance as its all brought in. I have visions of Billy jumping the fence. I know it would be a lot for Billy's young mind to cope with, Chunky would be fine he's seen it all.
I had to hack the boys yesterday past all these blokes. The yard track runs right down the side of the field were all the works going on. At that stage no equipment. Billy was cautious about these blokes but otherwise fine.
This morning there's a site office appeared, I hear them started up generator as i'm tacking up. This is all put metres away from where we are about to hack past. There's also harris fencing in a pile waiting to go up. So I get on and start plodding down track get to just before the pile of harris fencing, Billy just sticks the brakes on and then just spins. I just went splat. He didn't tank off as I had hold of reins still, but he was good as he just stood as I got to me feet. I then decided that I would walk him down the rest of the track past it all. I had to be firm and lead him in hand telling him 'walk on' as he froze as he got to each obstacle. At the bottom of the track we have two large diggers parked in the road. Fortunately the engines weren't running so I walked him up to them and let him have a sniff. Once we got back to the yard the digger had its engine running and although he looked, tried to move away from it, he did walk past on stiff legs. As I rode him up the track I stopped and let him have a good look at each object, fortunately he did nothing silly. Role on tomorrows hack. I don't really have time to hack out during the weekday at the moment but I am going to use this as a golden opportunity to train him with the diggers and lorries etc. Its going to be for at least 4 weeks.
I hope that he is far enough away in his field to watch and that he doesn't decide to clear any fences. I did notice that there were a lot of additional skid marks in the field this morning and there were some very sloppy poos when I poo picked, which one generally associates with a horses that to put it mildly 'crapped himself'. Hopefully after 4 weeks I will have a better horse for it all.
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
That's a brilliant opportunity to get him used to big and noisy, how fortunate :) though the splat part isn't so good, I hope you're not too battered and bruised those morning :)


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Apr 24, 2011
Sorry about you falling off, hopefully you wont be sore or have any bruising. What a great opportunity though to make a really steady eddy out hacking, he will be so used to all the big machinery and noises:D


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May 18, 2009
Oh dear, hope you are OK?
Should be great training as you say, we had a private yard next to one of our building sites, after the first few days the horses would happily hack past everything from cranes to dumper trucks, although they were already used to quite heavy traffic.


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Oh sorry you came a cropper, I'm glad you're OK. It will be very good for him, like the young Black Beauty being put into the field beside the railway!

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
I got to the yard this morning to find that the entrance to the yard had been closed with Harris fencing. So I did have to politely tell them that they were blocking a private entrance. They also told me that whilst they were putting it up yesterday Billy was charging round. Not good. The guys carried on putting up Harris fencing this morning, I was in the field poo picking and he started carraring round for a bit, then settled.
I took him out this morning to keep him chilled. We hacked slowly past each obstacle and if he stopped and froze I just let him stand and look. Once he relaxed a bit I coaxed him on.
I have seized a bit, my neck is a tight and my arm feels like it has been wrenched. I expect it was when he pulled back when I on the floor. I really could do without this considering I put my back out badly over Christmas. I went to the chiropractor Monday and that manipulation has made my back bad again considering it was starting to settle. I now feel a bit like I've been run over by a bus. I thought I had got away with my fall, clearly not.
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