Whoops another injury

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Thats my running streak over for a bit. Ive run every through February and thought id continue for a few more weeks till lambing. My one running club cancelled runs after christmas as they werent getting numbers but it resumed last night so i went along. But had the shortest run ever. We'd only just set off, ran about 100 metres turned down a road and had to avoid a car parked up on the pavement. Only just enough room to get past. So people slowed to get past it. I was at the back and next thing i feel my footing going and im heading for the ground. Managed to stagger through strides and not end up on the floor but knew my ankle was painful. I thought id tripped on a pothole on the pavement but when i looked i realised it was a dropped curb. The run coached walked me back to the hall, to sit for half hour. I managed to drive home last night fortunately by 8pm there was very little traffic on the road. So i drove slowly so i didnt have to brake to much. This morning its double in size. Im weight bearing and have struggled to do the animals this morning. Just sitting for a bit now before i attempt to go to work. Its going to hurt a bit by the end of the day with being stood on it all day and up and down stairs. I shall put a bandage on it for support. Down a few more pain killers to get me through.

Im so frustrated that i cant run now, it was making me feel good getting out everyday doing my mile.
Id planned to ride this morning too.
Its also put pay to me shovelling shit at the weekend. Its supposed to be dry tomorrow so i planned on doing the mucking out. I start lambing next week. I can see me ending up not getting it done. I dread to think what bugs will be in there. I can see me having a disastrous lambing.
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Oh no, what a nightmare, especially this close to lambing and with stuff still to get ready :( hopefully it's one of those sprains that heals remarkably fast.
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Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Oh gosh, sounds like you need to "RICE*" it, tbh. Get well soon xx

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