Who is Pedro?

Pedro is a NR member who lives in Portugal. When he started to ride a few years agohe did very regular and amusing and informative posts on his lesson to NR. He has since bought a horse and spends all his waking hours with him so we don't see him as often on NR. As his posts were so good, we decided to store them in a separate area.


Probably it could be great to compile all chronicles Pedro has written together - f.i. I have read them but now I'd love to print out the whole story together - I find them very inspiring for people who take up riding as adults, and itwas inspiring for me as well.:)

Pity Pedro has stopped writing his chronicles.
However, if we "pester" him, he might do a short update. He has done it in the past.

The last I heard from him, he was taking a friend for lessons at the Luis Valença yard (currently our most famous classical rider).
Pedro has done huge progress as regards his horse's training. Well done Pedro. You are inspiring.

P.S. We can always meet him at the Lusitano Horse Festival in Lisbon or the Horse Fair in Golegã.
I havnt heard of him either..maybe cos I just joined:p He sounds so interesting! Lucky having him own space and all and his story sounds cool. I came here cos my miniature horses anme is Pedro lol thought I could answer the person who started this forums question!
A question I have been asking myself too! I have seen the chronicles, but never read them. I didn't know what it was all about.

Lucky him getting to meet Luis Valenca! I love Classical riding and use these methods when schooling my mare. I have met Heather Moffett a few times and she trains with Luis. I think it was video footage of his school and stallions she showed me.
I'm a member of the Classical Riding club too so I know whats happening in the Classical Equestrian world :rolleyes:

Love chatting to any Classical Riders/Trainers and enthusiasts, so if you would like a natter, message me :p Gets lonely sometimes trying to explain things to people who don't think along these lines.

If I have time, I'll have a wee looky at this chronicles of Pedro.

See ya