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Sep 26, 2023
So currently I have a 13h dales pony I keep at home. I don’t like keeping ponies alone and so am looking for a companion that I can also ride. I’m 53 and haven’t got loads of confidence after a bad fall but can ride perfectly well. I want to give an oldie a home as I am in a position to keep a horse to its end. I have now seen two -
1. 19 year old ISH 16h. Beautifully schooled and a dream hack. Good to handle. This is local to me and comes with tack. The negative is that I am just not used to bigger horses and more the hairy native.
2. 15.1 hand 21 year old Connie x cob - again the perfect hack and well schooled. Lovely on the ground. This is more my usual ‘type’ but he is that bit older and is 2 hours from us. The seller is also comparing potential buyers until she gets the home she likes so may not be a goer anyway.

I need to decide today on the ISH and also book transport but just don’t know what to dooooo!!!

Constructive comments welcome 🤗
If you want to turn them out together with similar management I'd go for the one that is a similar type of 'do-er' to yours. Otherwise you may find one needs good grazing and one needs restricted. Good luck with whichever you go for - they both sound lovely. In fact, there's an idea ... 😉
I wouldn't worry about the connie being older. A 21 yo native cross has a lot more useful life left in it than a 19 yo ISH.
As above- someone who needs the same management as the Dales would be best, otherwise you could end up with two kept alone.
I applaud your getting a second horse, it's a good thing to do. And I agree with @Bodshi about the similar types. I have kept an old Arab and a native (connie X) together and it was a real pain in the winter, with the Arab needing bucketloads of feed daily to make up for the limited grazing the Connie needed.

The ISH sounds lovely, but as someone who prefers a horse whose back I can see to groom I understand your hesitation. if I were you I would call the Connie owner, explain your position and say that you would prefer her horse but would appreciate knowing if you are in with a good chance. If not, then if you like the ISH and think he will have similar management needs to your horse, go for it. Size isn't everything!
You don't say if you are riding the Dales or is he retired?
Would you have time to ride two in winter?
Just wondering if a non-ridden (maybe rescued?) companion might fit the bill better? There are loads of unrideable but well ponies looking for a soft landing.
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Have you ridden either of them? I find its more the width and the paces that makes a horse feel big or small.

That being said if you want a companion for a 13hh native id not be getting a big horse. The difference in management is huge. I know. My field (out 24/7) ranges from a 13.2 cob to a 17.2 tb with 4 others ranging in height and build in the middle. Its hard work winter and summer to try to keep them all an ideal weight and to be honest it doesnt always work!

I'm not sure i would get either though and im not sure id be looking to pay anything for what you want! A wanted ad would probably get you a very nice horse of a similar age looking to slow down a bit on long term loan with all its gear.
When you rode them both which did you like better? If you want a riding horse I would be considering that first, then which has the personality to get on with your Dales better and is most likely to fit in with your existing management etc. The 3" height difference between the 2 wouldn't get a second thought from me.