Which bit for first driving


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Mar 18, 2022
I'm breaking my cob to drive but I need some help on what driving bit I should use for her. She is ridden in a full cheek Waterford Screenshot_20220618-165445_Facebook.jpg


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Jan 6, 2006
@Wally123 can you give some practical advice on this?

@RLouise654 if you don' have enough experience driving to make an informed decision on a bit I would strongly suggest getting an experienced driver who has broken to harness before to work with you as there's less margin for error in a driven horse than a ridden one. That's not meant to sound patronising, but it really isn't something you want to make mistakes with.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
If your still at the long reining stage just stick with a ridden bit that your horse is comfortable in. Once you start pulling then step it up.

The most common is a liverpool bit. Some are reversable. But not all horses like them as they are heavy in the mouth. My lad didnt. So i only used a liverpool for things like chain harrowing but for general driving he is in a riding bit. Cant remember what just now but its either a hanging cheek or something with a french link in.

Please find a club near you or someone who breaks for driving if its all new to you. They can give help and advice on the various stages and harness fit etc.
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Mar 15, 2008
You haven't got a bit in for the longreining stage.
I guess one option is start with something basic.
I wouldn't go further than you are in that set up, your harness doesn't fit properly,unless it's camera angle.


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Mar 18, 2022
You haven't got a bit in for the longreining stage.
I guess one option is start with something basic.
I wouldn't go further than you are in that set up, your harness doesn't fit properly,unless it's camera angle.
She does usually have a bit and bridle on for Long reining. Yeah it all needs adjusting that was when I first put it on at the weekend just to try it and see where I need to put new holes


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Nov 17, 2018
I'd first of all ask yourself what is she in a waterford full cheek for? Then move the needs onto a suitable bit for driving. I've always used a Liverpool bit on all my drivers both competition wise and for leisure. The Liverpool has the bonus of various settings to be able to tweek for the horse you are using. I've always found all my drivers to go well in a Liverpool and they come in various styles. Personally I've preferred the straight bar then nutcracker action for driving, but of course all dependant on the horses preference to!

I really would get some advice as to harness fitment, Safety with carriage driving is paramount, so much could go wrong even from just a piece of harness incorrectly fitted.
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