Which bit for first driving/long reining?


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May 27, 2007
As Harvey is out of action for a little while (going to vets on tuesday for a full lameness work up) it seems like poor little Piccolo might have to do some extra work lol.

I want to eventually teach her to drive although am not in a huge rush as she is getting ridden experience under her belt at the moment and learning loads by going out and about that way.

However i do want to start long reining her a lot more regularly, probably with her driving roller and crupper to start with (which she is fine with), then with her driving bridle which has blinkers and full harness.

Anyway ridden wise she has a small ring french link eggbutt snaffle what would be the best 'first' driving bit for her? Would a liverpool be best or maybe a french link butterfly bit as i have heard they are good for little ponies and would keep the same mouthpiece.

I know i an long rein her in her normal ridden bit but would like to start using what she would eventually be driven in especially as i will have to buy another bit anyway so i don't have to keep changing bits from her driving bridle to riding bridle.

Sparky Lily

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Nov 27, 2008
Yell, Shetland
I have french link butterfly bits for my ponies and they seem to go well in them. Grace was broken to harness (by her previous owner) with a straight bar nylon snaffle, then I moved her on to a french link butterfly. I did try long reining her in a liverpool once, but she expressed her dislike quite strongly, so we never tried it again!

I would think that if Piccolo is happy with a french link then stick with it.


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Sep 14, 2009
Little ponies are supposed to also go well in 'magic' bits which I think is the cambridge bit. However, I am hugely ignorant about driving, so probably best to ignore me!
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