Where have my hacking nerves gone?!


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Feb 8, 2012
Not that I am complaining!!

I went for a 3 hour hack this morning, w,t,c with two lovely ladies and their ponies and I had a super time :D we all did!

My share horse is so gentle and quiet I feel confident on him, he really looks after me.

We did 16km so it may be one of my longest ever rides :D just wanted to share


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Apr 24, 2011
When it comes to hacking the right horse makes all the difference, Its lovely to hear you are enjoying hacking and three hours is fab :D
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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Right horse definitely makes all the difference.
You might ache a little tomorrow doing 3 hours. On second thoughts you won't as your so fit from all your cycling.
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Feb 8, 2012
I'd of given anything for it to be Ales ears in front of me, but my share is certainly giving me alot of confidence and enjoyment.

I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone now because life is too short. I get a bit wobbly at times and that is where my share looks after me because he has been there, seen that, done it all before. Not as in I'm going to fall off(not yet anyway!) but for example one of the other horses shot past me today as got very strong suddenly in trot and I tensed up but my share just flicked his ears back and didn't break pace. If that had been Ale he would of raced the other horse I'm sure.

Anyway lots of fun was had and I had lots of cuddles with Ale after too so best of both worlds really :)


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Jan 18, 2016
Well done! Sounds like you had a good time and share horse sounds lovely! Yes that's how I try to do things life's to short!
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