When has your horse made you "SO PROUD"


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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
I am sure we all have lots of times but this really sticks with me!

Borderland is a multi use park hikers , bikers, dogs - and they have a "Disc Golf" course spread out thru the park. I had never heard of that before you throw frisby's at a "hole" that is a weird pole with chains around it
to catch the frisby.
Coming out after a ride they have a group of severely handicapped young people arrive while we are
letting our horses graze near the bathroom pavilion.
One of the adults asked if the kids could pet the horses. My friends horse was young she went off to the side
away and they gathered around Sonny => I knew Sonny would be fine he had some kids in wheel chairs some not and one with a wheel chair with gigantic big tires- I've never seen that before . One large boy was kind of bopping sonny petting him but Sonny was fine "HE KNEW" There was this one girl in a wheel chair I don't know what her handicap was but her arms were twisted and bent and she said she has never ever petted a horse. It was hard for her to move her arms so- not that sonny would ever move- his feet were planted solid!
I put the lead in her lap and she said 'I'VE NEVER HEALD A HORSE"
Then Sonny put his head in her lap. " I've never been HUGGED by a horse.

I was sooooooooo proud of him she was crying she was soooooooo happy I was crying, the adults were
crying .
It turned out to be a place not far from the park where parents can do day care for their severely handicapped
kids while they work and they were on an "outing" at borderland.

The adults with the kids were so pleased with them being able to pet sonny


We had taken lots of photos so that evening my husband and

Sonny really made that girls day and it put into reality how lucky I am.


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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
I also had an incident with Sunny ( the first) guess i can't go wronw with "(a sonny, sunny).
I was proud of him after but terrified while it was going on.
I was at a horse show on the grounds of a "state school" for people of all ages with severe handicaps.
They had lots of the people from there out and about on the grounds.
A man came up to Sonny out of the blue grabbed him by he head in a death grip and started rocking back and forth
OMG I was terrified he was adult and big but the mental of about maybe 5.
Sonny was not moving I doubt I was breathing~
Someone walked past and I said PLEASE get me some help FAST!~~

It was really not that easy for them to get that man to let go!
Sunny just stood and waitied it out.
Wow I was totally drained when it was finally over!~

I had people say after OMG if that had been my horse!!!

But we are so lucky !! They always seem to know.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I do think they know, a friend of mine is epileptic and has seizures sometimes on board, and for the most part, even the silly spooky horses plant their feet and stand like rocks which we flit round and get her off as best we can.

I was very proud of little Hank, the first time my friends kids came to ride him, we didn't know if he had been ridden before but he took most tings in his stride so we popped a saddle and said 3 year old on (her horsey mum holding her while I managed Hank) and the girl suddenly started kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs (unexpected as she rides mums 16hh'er) and dear little Hank just stood and waited, and then happily let the other 2 kids have a go too.

I was about 6 months later I saw the friend I got him from who had rescued him, when I told her she was amazed and she told me how when she went to pick him up this pony came out of the stable rearing and attacking the person leading him, was totally wild and very agressive and had absolutely never been ridden before. Bless his heart, I never did any preparatory training with him, he just sucked it up for us.
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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I think they know too. My Dad had never been on a horse in his life and at 80 when he had a ride on Joe he was (and still is) tiny and quite fragile. Joe never put a hoof wrong and it was windy and an outdoor arena at a yard we had only recently moved to. My Dad could not have been safer (or happier) and J stood like a rock whilst he scrambled on and off. What a star.


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
My Ziggy is a forward going little pone and prone to tank off when he can. When my step-grandchildren visited from Australia they begged and begged for pony rides. I put Ziggy's sheepskin bareback pad on, his bridle and head collar, and legged up first 9 year old granddaughter and then 7 year old grandson. He behaved perfectly, walking sedately and smoothly for anxious granddaughter and trotting slowly for delighted, loudly screaming grandson. Not a hoof out of place!

Then my stepdaughter, who is an excellent rider, hopped up. He ran off with her ;)


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Nov 16, 2009
Womble makes me really proud alot. When I got him he was so nervy and was a true bolter (9 hours on a spinal board ... thanks mate!!) And I couldnt hack him out, ride him in the outdoor if there was cars about etc.

He started to trust me and tried his hardest to be brave. He constantly looks to me for reassurance and as long as he gets it hes very good. He nannys younger horses out on hacks, he jumps, loads himself into a box. Hes just learning shoulder in and leg yielding and tries his hardest for me all the time.

He makes me every day because every day does something that makes me smile


Nov 10, 2014
My boy makes me proud most of the time by just being the character he is :)

He's patient, trustworthy and my rock and that's enough to make me proud to be his mum :):D
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