Whats the best rug?

posh ponies

New Member
Jul 13, 2007
I own a fine tb (ex-racer) that the flies love!
When there a chance of a shower i turn him out in a amigo fly sheet with liner but i`m finding that he has rub marks on his shoulders.
So im stuck as to what to buy next?
Tonight i got him in to find a huge bite on his neck about 2" x 2" with blood stains near the bit hole!
I don`t know what to do because if i turn him out `naked` and it rains he shivers and gets bitten alot!
Its fine if i know the weather is going to be dry as he wears his rambo fly buster.
Ive though about putting a fly sheet on with a light turn out rug on top but again i don`t want hos rub marks to get worse
Any suggestions please? confused:
Thank you
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