What are you all feeding?


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Feb 8, 2012
I'm just looking for some inspiration as thinking of changing what I feed mine.

He's a good doer. Not the best skin and hooves. Also now getting some stiffness from arthritis. Gets loose stools if I take him off a pre/probiotic.

Currently feed handful happy hoof hifias a filler
Spillers daily balancer
Rig calm
Dodson and horrell mobility
Naf daily gut health
Over winter I started him on Mud X which I'm not sure made any difference

Anyway just interested in what everyone feeds theirs and why.

I might change balancer although I like that it comes in pellets rather than powder. Swap to chaste berry and see if that works like the rig calm. The mobility I've only just started but any other recommendations to feed for joints etc welcome.
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Monkey gets the same balancer, I find it really good, plus Speedibeet (handful up to a couple of cups in winter), a 25ml scoop of linseed, and some turmeric and salt. When he works particularly hard (multiple 4/5 hour days) he also gets some tiger oats. And electrolytes if he’s sweated a lot.

The other 3 get mollichaff hoofkind complete, linseed and salt as they’re all easy keepers and not in work.

Hank gets some chaste berry when he’s in with the big guys so he doesn’t feel the need to harass Jess and fight Monkey for her so much!
Not much now the grass has come through. A not-full small jug of Saracens Releve and Gain 32 stud balancer in the evening and small jug Saracen Releve at breakfast plus vitamin E with a handful of Mollichop original to mix. As soon as that's finished they're going onto a lower calorie chop .

I use Releve as it's cereal free (hoped it might not be so heating for AJ) and Raf (the Prince and fussy eater) likes it.

In winter they were getting a jug of speedibeet, more chop and a bit more Releve, and stuffed nets. Back to the smaller nets now and they're not eating a great deal of those. I'm a bit worried about AJ tbh as I don't know yet if he could be laminitic prone and I can't exercise the weight off. Lucky the spring grass doesn't last long.
D&A hay replacer
Rowan Barbery Ready mash extra

Naff Senior Pink Powder
small handful of zero chaff

Plus Linseed for the thin one

The difference to the arthritic one has been the Bozmerix. A total game changer.
Robin also bas Spillers daily balancer (it was recommended on here!)

He also gets soothe and gain in varying amounts through the year.
Joint supplement (nutraquin)
Protexin acid ease in winter and protexin gut balancer in summer.

I would like him to have some chaff but he refuses to eat low cal chaff and chart in general seems to bother his stomach.

I would also prefer he had fast fiber in summer as he doesn't need calories but mostly he refuses that too. I like the soothe and gain in the winter in the mornings for going out and so he prefers that and refuses diet stuff!
Sid gets a very small feel of a handful each of Agrobs grass nuts and lite chaff, plus Agrobs balancer. He has done really well on the Agrobs balancer, less itchy than usual and with fewer mallanders flare-ups. At this time of year he also gets a handful of linseed meal because he struggles at coat change.
I feed a handful of Simple Systems sainfoin pellets (the high fibre version)

Progressive Earth Balance +
Vitamin E
Equine Answers joint supplement
Magnesium oxide
Oily herb mix of thyme, oregano and rosemary all year round

Protexin gut balancer in the Spring/Summer only

He'll get unmollased sugar beet with salt added as extra hydration when needed after work as he takes this better than water and electrolytes I'm not keen on the sugar in it for him.