Went jumping today


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Jul 12, 2004
Mum took videos but unfortunately they've not come out great. Buuuut...

We got down there and D was so excited I thought at one point either we were going over the hedge, or I was, surrounding the menage. She was leaping and broncing at times. It didn't help that we had horses razzing up her bum and cantering towards her head on. So we went down to the other warm up which is bigger and more familiar to her ( she went in there last time), walked, trotted and cantered her round to settle her, then stood waiting for the 40 to finish.

I'd entered for the 50, and was the first one in. She did a lovely canter round the whole course plus some nice tight turns in the jump off from canter. I'd had a feeling we went fairly quick, but usually there's some other fast riders in the class. Anyway, I wait for the end of the class only to find we won (there were loads in the class... 30 or so?!).

In the mean time I took D back up to the big arena with the big jumps, and got in the 60 just at the last second. We'd started well, she was spooky so we trotted the course. Over no1 and 2 with the fillers, round to the big red wall, over no4 and up to no5, the double. We hopped in a bit big but she sorted herself out and jumped out nicely, no6 was a teeny tiny skinny oxer, cleared fine. Then on to the blue planks ... We unfortunately parted company there (as can be seen in my other thread!) but I got back on in the warm up and popped the warm up fence.

I'll add a couple of pics of us jumping nicely for those who get this far...
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


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Jul 12, 2004
Thank you both, I'm really proud of her. She's not done much in the way of jumping, but seems to be a natural at it!


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Jul 12, 2004
It's ace, it's all separate blocks on top of the viaducts I'm jumping there, so really adjustable in height. It's very bright though!
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