Welsh section B's for driving - how much weight could they pull ?


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Nov 5, 2008
Wally will give you the correct info' re weight etc. I've had 2 sec C and they've both been fabulous driving ponies- showy, safe, up for it. Mind you, the training and experiences given to these ponies was +++ and they responded fully. Not all nags are born to drive, case of try it and see. R


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Apr 16, 2000
I drove one for one of my exams, Dear little lady she is. She happily pulls a 4 wheeler with 3 folk up.

She also pulls a 4 wheel original dog cart at the shows.


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Aug 11, 2007
Interesting thread, and one that I've been wondering about too.

Kinzzy is a 15hh heavyweight gypsy cob and obviously she can pull more than she can carry but I am wondering how much exactly. I'd like to break her to drive one day and involve the whole family in leisure drives.

Would she be able to pull me, hubby and daughter (11yrs)? And is a two or four wheeler better for the job? Questions, questions!!! ;)

I've just come back from a drive with a friend, her cob is 13.2ish, 3 yrs old and pulled us two for approx 4 miles with no problem. I'm probably totally paranoid, I kept wanting to get off and make it easier for him. Its all new to me, can you tell!! :D


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May 16, 2005
My 13.2 pony will trundle along with three up, no problem at all. He will do ten to twelve miles in trot with only a couple of short breaks at walk and hardly show a sweat. But he is a fit and mature cob. Probably with a 3yo I would want to get off too! :D

As for your own mare - she will pull a busload when mature!! She's bred for it! ;D

I would always go for a four wheeler as they are far more comfortable and generally easier on the pony.


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Aug 11, 2007
Thanks Zoonie, Kinzzy is mature now. She's 9 this year and is being put in foal to Wessel (Friesian stallion owned by Blackhorses on here). Once foally is weaned I want to break Kinz to drive. In the meantime I will gain as much practical experience as I can. :D


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May 27, 2007
My old sec B pony used to drive before I had her. She was 12.3hh




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Apr 16, 2000
Andy, our 42 inch Shetland can tow the 4 wheeler and 2 adults and 2 kids.He can do 10 miles with a few hills and suchlike.

The rule of thumb is 2 and a half times their own body weight, or combined if more than one. IF you live in East Anglia, more.

Welsh A's can work with 2 wheelers and two adults of average size all day.

Don't forget big wheels, once rolling will take the vehicle along and the pony is hardly pulling at all once you are on the move. So long as you have the 2 wheeler balanced well, there will be no weight on the horse's back at all.
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