Welsh Sec A - how much weight can she carry?

Kis Vihar

Nutty Saddlers !
Serious question...

How much weight would you think is fair to ask my little 11.2hh Welsh A mare to carry? She's quite a chunky girl, and she really could do with some exercise. The trouble is, she's been mistreated in the past and is VERY sharp and spooky. She's no good for a child at all, but there have been some older (brave / mad) teenage girls asking if she is rideable.

Obviously they would be VERY tall, but weight-wise, how much do you think she could be asked to carry, only in walk, just to get her 'out' on hacks or whatever?

And no..I'm NOT going to ride her! I'll squash her! :eek: Paul weighs way under 10 stone. He's tall and beanpole-like...! He's sat on her very gently, bareback, and she didn't seem to mind.

What would you think is fair/unfair for her to carry?:confused:



Flash Harry

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Apr 14, 2008
I`m 8st 10 ish, 5ft 4 ish, and ride my 3 year olds 12.2 pony on a regular basis- she would easily carry 10st +, being a welsh cross :)
IMO, you know when a horse is comfortable with rider


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Aug 22, 2003
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as a teenager i used to ride an ever so slightly bigger welsh A, of about the same chunkiness. I weighed 8- 8.5 stone, and had no trouble on long rides/jumping courses/showing/XC when he was fit. He did have the occasional 9-10 stone rider on for short periods, but i'd say if you had a teenager around 9 stone or less, as long as you built it up slowly (obviously you know that) then ponio would be fine

Kis Vihar

Nutty Saddlers !
Thank you cockerpony!:) She's very sweet, but very troubled, bless her! Since coming to Hungary with us, she's changed so much (for the better!) she has chilled out, and settled better here than anywhere I'd ever had her before. It would just be nice if she could come out on hacks with us, other than on the leadrein, where she is prone to being a div! :rolleyes:


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Jan 14, 2008
my mum used to get on my sec A and she was probs 9 stone-ish he never had any trouble.
i rode him until i was 13 and never felt too big or heavy (got to about 5'6/7 and 9 stone and platued, only grown an inch or so since then)

depends on what hes used to, they would have to start slowly so she builds muscle to be able to carry them, but there shouldnt be any problems.
he looks quite stocky and compact (fairly short back which is good to carry weight) so this will help aswell :)

Kis Vihar

Nutty Saddlers !
Thanks people! :D

I was kind of thinking that Paul would be OK to plod around on her bareback...Apart from PLOD isn't in Daisy's dictionary...! Although his feet would be nearly on the floor, he can sit light, and ride really well. I think I'd know if Daisy was unhappy.

I remember in 1981, my mum weighing 10 stone and riding my old bigger Welsh A home for miles and miles.. 2 ponies had escaped from the paddock and gone about 10 miles into some forest!!! They were missing for 2 days!!!:eek: When Mum found my pony, and the companion, she rode mine back home bareback on a headcollar and rope, and dragged the other behind!

I was only 7, and horrified...I said she was cruel and too heavy..Mum said that my pony had still managed to cart her off, and she was NOT going to walk all the way home leading both naughty ponies!! :D

Flash Harry

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Apr 14, 2008
Love that story........good for your Mum :)
Make sure Paul puts his rollerskates on (as i do and resemble something out of the Flinstones) :cool:


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Nov 19, 2008
dartford, kent
I used to ride an 11.1 pony and i weighed just under 10 stone, she carried me fine. But (not to steal the thread) i have a 12.2 and wondered what weight she could carry. People keep telling me to get on her...but surely i would squash her!! i weigh nearly 13 stone now lol!


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Oct 16, 2006
The Cotswolds
As long as you take Daisy out and she's being asked to work properly then she should be fine, I'd happily rider she's nice and chunky and such a nice change to see a Sec that's not grey! :D
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