Welsh Dragon


Nov 10, 2014
So those who read my blog will have seen these but some pics of the boy today whilst playing with empty feed sacks and being wound up by the Shetland next door.

After going under the fencing we decided to zap him with the mains so he went back in and was very confused that the fence that he had been limboing under and biting was zapping him back. Bless he didn’t know quite what to make of it ;)

Welsh Dragon

6B5D7ACA-8816-4288-83B7-A24DBBD60F5E.jpeg 6F2CD133-917C-4A81-98AC-C641E86FB2F3.jpeg F1226B87-DD4A-42ED-9405-4E13F678A2CA.jpeg F5518FB5-C99B-40B6-940F-FBF17B925DBA.jpeg 16DAB8C3-D8FE-4C96-B6E2-AF081081688E.jpeg A81E0C19-3F66-4BE1-912E-D74C69E2A09E.jpeg 72E2A6CC-7293-4EF7-99BB-F5CFB907E9F2.jpeg BFC0B510-BCB4-4B9F-8BB8-81884D4B9129.jpeg

More in the next post :)
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