Well that was eventuful! And another thing ticked off the list


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Dec 1, 2017
Riding in the snow, well the little bit we have got. My little demon (his new name) was unbelievably naughty!!!! Hes fine, totally fine an absolute angel untill we are facing home, even if we arent going home, just facing home he starts! Today was his worst ever! Normally he just looses concentration and has silly spooks and tries to jog home... Today we had taking off full gallop, i couldnt stop him so had to turn him! Spooks was scary! Spinning and bolting in the oposite direction... Jesusssssss wepttttt! Clean pants needed lol. The dentists also turned up to do someone elses horses and they couldn't find the field as its once of the back ones so was hanging about on the lane and my cob hates men so i thought if i take him over and they ask for directions hes going to leg it! (He always tries running off if hes sees an innocent man just walking his dog!!!) so i tried to get him to stand, he was having none of it! Rearing, going backwards, almost had us in a ditch! So turned him and went back (away from home) and yet again, plodding!

facing home and a strip, again the stupid behaviour started! Jogging, jumped ten ft in the air because he seen a robin!!! So back to the start of the strip over and over again to the start untill he walked from the end of the strip to the field gate in a sensible manner! He finally grasped it with me saying "walk... Walk... Walk" all the way! Had him on a very tight rein though, i really wasnt comfortable doing so but any time i let is slightly loose he was off again! As a rule hes never allowed home untill hes done something good, he never gets to go home if hes done something that isnt allowed (e.g tanking off!!) Is it time for a new bit? I dont want to have to yank his mouth like that, but if i didnt he would have galloped home and not stopped till we was there! :( currently in a straight bar happy mouth egg but snaffle. Usually goes fine in it and is very responsive!

despite the scary moments we had some nice moments in the ride too, he clearly find the snow more fun than i do haha! It wAs SO SO SO coldddddd!!!! My fingers was so numb when we got back i could barely undo the girth! hopefully its not this cold for tomorrows ride and hopefully he has his sensible head on! He eas so much more sensible when he was 4!!! Seems to be getting worse as he gets older lol


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Dec 1, 2017
Hairy, scary, traumatic for me lol! Il mark it doen as experience and see how he is tomorrow! Fingers crossed its out of his system, il take spare pants incase lol


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May 18, 2009
Well even the best behaved horses can be silly sometimes, maybe just the cold made him silly? I wouldn't change your bit if he's normally good - even my saintly mare gets a bit excited when it's cold and snowy, although to be fair she doesn't spook and she doesn't try to leg it with me she just gets very forward and 'woohoo come on mum'.


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Dec 1, 2017
He was very... Woohoo im going to kill u mum!!! Lol. Will see how he is next time i ride hiM, was going to ride today but it was absolutely freezing!


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Apr 30, 2017
I shared a private lesson earlier- the other rider has a lovely horse who (as she put it) mistook “canter aid” for “f*** off aid” :confused:. And it took her a while to get him back to being sensible.

Still chuckling about her description!
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Dec 1, 2017
Its so cold! Justfree schooled again today, he wasn't to pleased about having his rug taken off in the drizzle! Car had mot today so didnt have time to ride, all being well il be back on board tomorrow if its not lashing it down or snowing or some other crazy british weather thats thrown at us! Having a lunge before hes ridden so fingers crossed he behaves
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