Well hello again.............................


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May 20, 2006
Hello lovely folk of NR!!

Missed you all loads so thought would pop back for a bit,and figured some of you who remember me may want an update on the spotty fruit loop and the grumpy welsh cob:wink:

Well the lovely Marb first.He seems to have finally grown up (he was 7 yesterday!!),and i have been riding him loads.We did have an enforced break of almost 4 months over winter due to a particularly prolonged and difficult abscess,but finally we are back on track,and loving it I have to say:biggrin:
We hack out mainly with grumpy cob,but also on our own (he is very bold these days and even chilled occasionally,but we still very much have our 'moments' of leaping around and spooking for a passtime lol),I am enjoying hacking him so much it is definitely 'our thing' and even when he acts like a twit I still find him so much fun,and he never does anything dangerous or stupid,just likes to 'liven things up' on occasion lol.

I have also recently ridden him in the school.

Doesn't sound like a big deal,but I have never been overly keen to ride him in a proper size school (I don't mind in my small school as less room for his antics lol) as historically with his little sharer (had a fabby teenager for a few months to help me get him going ridden wise as I couldn't do it due to a foot condition and quite honestly a lack of nerves/suicidal tendancies lol) he was so badly behaved in the school at times and the only time he had me off was in the school,so bad memories all round really.
He seems to have matured with this as well though,or maybe I just don't ask as much of him as his sharer did (very keen,much better rider than me and very brave!!),and we have been schooling of sorts (I don't ride well enough to do much but it's exercise for us both at least!!),and although he's not very relaxed in there and rushes,is tense etc (to be fair I think a lot of that is he associates the school with a lot of jumping and exciting stuff as that is what sharer used to do a lot of with him in there) he does listen to me and doesn't make me feel unsafe.Work in progress but we are going to keep on making the effort.

Just to show how he used to be in the school and because i was having a laugh at them recently here are couple of the vids from him in the school (not the best but only short ish ones could find,on second one only need to watch first 1 min 15 secs) with sharer.In his defense this was much earlier in his ridden career when he was still very much figuring it all out.I used to try and ignore this kind of behaviour,or wasn't aware of it (I wasn't always there with them,trusted them completely so happy to leave them to it) hence why never shared any of these before,but can laugh about them now we have moved on and am enjoying him so much:giggle:



So sharp and such a pingy pony (with an inclination to be anxious,not the best combination lol),didn't honestly think he was ever going to be suitable for me,but just goes to show can't always tell how they will mature and turn out with a bit (ok a lot!!) of time and work.

Sorry to bore but couple more vids to show his journey and that although a naughty pony at times there were glimpses of brilliance.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKsoUXslpX8 (this one was when he went on a little holiday to Sharer's home town when my ground got too wet to ride/work him on).

Would like to add here that she did a cracking job of riding him for me,loved him as her own,and never gave up on getting it right.She finally has a pony of her own now and is doing great things but she still pops over for a ride occasionally and a catch up.I love to see her and she can't get over how good Marb is these days!!

I don't do vids so have none of him and I (am not technical enough and have no one to do them usually!!),so will have to make do with couple of pics of us recently.
In case anyone is wondering about the overload of tack and western saddle some of it is due to his headshaking but mostly as this was our first time on the school and as mentioned I get very apprehensive about it so was to make me feel secure really.I often ride western BTW as just find it more comfy but not usually for schooling,and have been riding english in there last couple of times now feel happier about his behaviour.

Cute one after our ride,love him!!

So yeh sorry for essay,but been away a while and he such a complex little fella.Have put 3.5 yrs of hard work into this pony,and boy has he been hard work at times!!
Has been worth it though and wouldn't part with him or change him.

So grumpy cob,well what can i say,he's still slow as ever,still a bit of a thug and still about as sensitive as a brick lol

However he's also the safest ridden horse I've ever known,and the perfect nanny horse which is what I got him for.

They have become reluctant good friends,and I do think grumpy cob even likes Marb really,not sure Marb feels the same to be fair though lol.

He get's ridden by everyone and anyone,mostly beginners,novices etc (just how it has worked out,and I'm not about to turn down company to ride!!),and looks after them all so well.
I can't stand riding him as his slowness and plodding drives me to distraction,but I value you him so much as without him I wouldn't be doing nearly so much with my spotty botty,and it's so nice to know you have something can chuck anyone on and don't have to worry about them.

Couple of pics of him looking quite well I thought,and not too grumpy for once lol

One of him and Marb having a rare bestest buds moment,awww!!

Phew very sorry that was so long but so many on here knew them well and is nice for me to have progress to report for once!!

Hope everyone is well and ponies all ok,am looking forward to catching up:smile:


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Oh how lovely to hear from you, especially with pictures of the gorgeous Marble.

Please tell me about his abscess - Ziggy seems to have one at the moment and it's awful - has been going 2 weeks of pain without resolution. What happened with Marble?


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Aug 5, 2009
So good to see you back here! A thousand welcomes and the horses are looking fantastic too. :smile: How are your feet now?


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May 20, 2006
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the kind comments,is nice to be back:smile:

Please tell me about his abscess - Ziggy seems to have one at the moment and it's awful - has been going 2 weeks of pain without resolution. What happened with Marble?

Will PM you hun so as not to bore everyone to tears with my waffling lol

Marble has really matured and when he goes nicely he really does it.

Grumpy cob is worth his weight in gold.

He really does go beautifully,and with very little input from the rider (lucky as his mum is the most inept rider ever lol),just naturally works that way,when he minds to that is:wink:

Cob is indeed worth his weight in gold,he doesn't float my boat if I'm honest,but he's a star to ride (not so good on the ground at times has to be said,typical rude cob when it suits),and can't put a price on safety.


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May 20, 2006
How are your feet now?

Oops forgot to repsond to this in quote!!

Feet actually last few weeks have been much better,frantically touching wood!!

Had a podietrist (sp) appointment in january where basically said nothing more can do for me as an unusually persistent and severe case (about 10% end up this way apparently),so muddled through and then around mid march suddenly weren't so bad.

Not certain why as not done a lot different,but have been religious about wearing my insoles (although these play a big part and could be a factor),and have cut down my hours in my night shift job.Maybe the two things combined are enough to have tipped the scales??

Whatever it is I am not complaining I haven't been this pain free for such a prolonged period in years!!:biggrin:
Have a small concern that it may mean PF has ruptured further (diagnosed with quite significant partial rupture last year),but have decided to not worry about it and make the most of walking rather than hobbling!!

Hope you various health complaints have improved as well Mrs C:smile:


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Sep 14, 2009
Oh, DL, how fabby to have you back with the spotty twit who sounds to have matured and grown up ENORMOUS amounts.

He looks so handsome and no more pokey nose!

Am delighted he is doing so well, you have worked really hard on him


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Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
Welcome back :) Sounds like Marble is coming on nicely and your patience is paying off. I bet he taught your sharer a lot too.


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Aug 5, 2009
Hope you various health complaints have improved as well Mrs C

I am flying as they say over here, thanks for asking!:smile: I'm glad things have at least improved for your foot problems anyway.


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Dec 30, 2006
Really good to get the update and see you back. How are you though? An I right in thinking you had problems with your feet? If I am, has that improved for you now?

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Aug 17, 2009
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Yah, welcome back DL!!!
I was just thinking about you the other day - a friend has bad PF in her feet and I remembered you talking about your struggles, how are you these days?

So lovely to hear and see the maturing of the spotty one, he's looking fab and he suits the western look! I hope you're back to write us some lovely long posts (I always enjoy your points of view!)

And grumpy pony doesn't look that grumpy lol!


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May 20, 2006
Thanks so much everyone for the nice replies:smile: For those asking about my feet thank you so much for thinking of me and update above in answer to mrs C.

Mrs C-so glad to hear your health has improved,hope that means you and the lovely Dolly are back on your jaunts around the countryside:wink:

Thanks for the PM devonlass, as you'll have read things have progressed a bit *rolleyes* *sigh*

No problem,was an awfully frustrating thing to deal with have to say.Glad to hear you have some progress,will check update in a mo!!

Oh, DL, how fabby to have you back with the spotty twit who sounds to have matured and grown up ENORMOUS amounts.

Am delighted he is doing so well, you have worked really hard on him

Hey you,long time no 'see',hope you well :smile:

He really does seem to have grown up in his head and attitude,thank goodness as took a while lol

He certainly has been hard work!! So glad I stuck with it though,really enjoying him now and as upside of all the work is that we have a really good understanding of each other now:smile:

I bet he taught your sharer a lot too.
Oh definitely,in her words she now 'sticks like glue' lol.She did great things with him,especially the fun stuff like jumping that I would never have done with him.Was all good education and experience for the pair of them,and they had a blast doing it that's for sure:wink:

he's looking fab and he suits the western look!

And grumpy pony doesn't look that grumpy lol!

The western thing started as a means of feeling a bit more secure for his spooking and leaping about,and because I am a lazy rider and had heard it was more comfy and relaxed way of riding.
Well it served it's purpose definitely.Gave me the confidence to be assertive and push him through things,and still feel safe and also very comfortable!!
Trouble is now I have come to like it too much,slopping along like I'm in an armchair has made me even lazier in a riding sense lol,so comfortable and just perfect for relaxing hacks!!

Grumpy cob is having a rare moment of non grumpiness in that pic,he usually looks a lot more miserable lol.Food is the only thing that puts a smile on his face,sadly living with Marb the ridiculously good doer that is something that is kept very strictly limited much to cob's disgust:tongue:
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