Well blow me down with a feather - stressage report


BSJA-Big Scarey Jump Asso
Apr 16, 2000
UK, Northampton
Last night was ginger ones stressage debut. Wasn't really expecting much as I've only been working him for 4 months and the first 10 weeks of that was concentrating on his jumping. He's never seen a stressage areana before plus it was on grass and sloping.
Well he warmed up ok, bit tense at first but did settle. First test (BE Intro 100) went ok. No real spooking at areana but he did back off my leg a bit. Overall pleased with his performance. Very surprised when I checked the score board to find he had been given 65% and finished 4th :D
Had a little pop round the CR showjumping between tests as course had been raised to 3'. Numpty rider forgot to change stirrups from back bar to front bar. Just couldn't work out why it felt all wrong but he still made a reasonable job of it.
So on to second test (BE PN110). Made sure he was much more in front of leg for this one. Started really well, trot work felt good. Then numpty rider forgot were he was supposed to go after the first canter circle so drifted around and dropped back to trot briefly. Remembered just in time to avoid error of test but still a major error and loss of concentration by both of us.
Did the same thing after second canter circle :eek:
So really wasn't hopeful of a place despite some very nice trot work.
Stunned when the results went up
WE WON :eek::eek::eek::eek: with 64%. Could so easily have been 70% without the rider error.
So now back to lots of flat schooling with particular emphasis on transitions.
Vids to follow when they finish loading


:D :D :D Well done! He's obviously been practising for MK. Dressage is a funny thing, the ones you think look better always end up worse! :p


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Apr 5, 2007
Leighton Buzzard / Milton Keynes
Wow, some good results there, David. Well done on the win, especially. Ginger one is obviously a bit of a natural at this stressage lark, even if the same can't always be said for his rider :p , i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't turn out to be rather a special eventer!


BSJA-Big Scarey Jump Asso
Apr 16, 2000
UK, Northampton
Excellent, this ginger chap seems to be rather spiffing.
Thats an understatement. He's brilliant (but I'm probably biased).

Dont know many horses who could jump a decent SJ course between tests and still win the second test. I reckon he could go XC and still do a nice test after. Has the most fantstic attitude to life I have ever come across in a horse :D


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Jun 12, 2007
Onwards and upwards then!
I look forward to hearing more of your and his exploits.

Do you have an ultimate goal or are you just waiting to see where the road takes you?


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Aug 8, 2007
Well done Ginger thing! Maybe not so well done to his silly rider! Lol no on a serious note well done David you and he are obviously a great team.. This ginger thing is turning out to be a right good'un! :D


BSJA-Big Scarey Jump Asso
Apr 16, 2000
UK, Northampton
Do you have an ultimate goal or are you just waiting to see where the road takes you?
Initially i want him to have BD points, BE points and BSJA winnings.
We've already managed the BSJA winnings. BD points shouldn't be too difficult but the BE points may take a couple of years.
Ultimate goal is to have as much fun as we can what ever the level. ;)


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Dec 21, 2003
Hurrah - both for horse and rider.
PS I need to ask you about the lesson protest. Is the vid up?
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