We did it - jumping report with pics and vid!


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Nov 16, 2009
We went jumping and we came home with lots of rosettes

we got there very early ... about 3 hours! Womble was a diamond and stood around all day being well behaved, watching showing and warm ups

I tacked him up and warmed up, we had a new bit and he worked well in it, we went in to our first class (trotting poles) and managed not to spook and we came 2nd out of 7

then we went into small crosses and jumped a rubbish round but come 4th out of 8, despite having 2 fences down. I was ready to call it a day but was put in the warm up ring and given a pep talk and was entered for the 45 ... a full course of uprights (I have an upright ph obia)

We rode much more positive (after another pep talk), though I did have to put my boobs back into the sports bra half way round :/ apparently I just need to bandage them down :frown:

we went clear and went into the jump off and he flew round. We even went over the joker fence which was an upright 55cm (2nd jump), and finished a very respectable 5th out of 9

Yes I know ... better bra needed ... and this is supposed to be a good one :|


Chilling in the trailer waiting for the rain to stop

Midnight Ashes pony squishing and him looking like a little show jumper

some stills of our round



Our rosettes
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Mar 22, 2013
Lol the sports bra boob :giggle:

Well done you and loved the video with the supportive commentators willing you on :wink:


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Nov 16, 2009
Lol the sports bra boob :giggle:

Well done you and loved the video with the supportive commentators willing you on :wink:

Lol it was midnight ashes and sparklie from here who also acted as my cheering squad and fan club (some of there commentary was epic on the videos!)

I havent moved yet but know i feel like ive been hit by a bus lol!

Ive had so many lovely comments yesterday at the show and on FB last night about him
Im a proud pony mum right now :wub:


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Feb 8, 2012
Well done! He's got a lovely jump on him. And thought you rode him really positively, fab round


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Nov 16, 2009
Smashing round, well done you and Womble!

Does he get strong when he jumps, or are you just being cautious with the 3 ring??

Tis only a 2 ring but no we have 0 breaks

tis all new to him and hes very over enthusiastic, he likes to set his neck and go.
we only have a field at home and when jumping he is rediculous (asin aim for the nearest hedge to stop)

He is schooled and hacked in a full cheek french link
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