WARNING to all horse owners - serious threat to ALL horses in the UK :(


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Apr 23, 2009
Better to have too many warnings than none at all! It does sound a terrible disease and we all need to be aware and watch out for the early warning signs.


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Apr 14, 2008
Badiddlyboing, Odawidaho
I've read quite a bit about this because Kels showed most of the symptoms, except she was the only one on the yard, and I haven't heard of any others in the area, so it probably wasn't this, but I don't suppose I'll ever know. :(
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May 22, 2008
East Yorkshire
Well my little man has had major muscle Trauma started last May, injury and 5 months of anguish.

I noted the start of it and worsening was when the weather was Windy and wet, vet took note but we couldn't attribute to it. I had thought EMS but nothing showed in tests other than muscle trauma.

Well he has been fit until this week,last night a bit off , this morning hes stiff, ( windy and wet)and uncomfy - checked for the lammi - no signs, hes pooing and eating normally - can't catch a wee too damn dark - I had planned to get the rug on tonight in the event its the damp/cold that causing it - think I am going to move him over into a different paddock tonight as well just in case - not so wet as there is drainage in there and see how he is in morning - no improvement will have a word with the vet, will check his gums tonight as well - he had an off one night last week same symptoms again Wet and Windy - do hope this is not something else I am going to have to worrit over - Saturday I am going to move Electric fence onto top of hill where the drainage is brilliant and put them up there as a precaution.......this is new grazing to us so just getting used to it - do hope its not going to be an issue........ will be keeping a close eye on the old girl as well........

Problem is there are so many different things with very similar signs..
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