Wanting to get back in the saddle after quite some time (Tampa, Fl)


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Sep 5, 2021

I hope everyone's well and safe. I remember almost 20 years ago I was barely 10 years old... whenever I wasn't at the stables, I was on newrider.co.uk.

I'm not sure if this is the same forum here, but it sure does seem very similar. I have a few Arabians back home overseas, but I just recently moved to Tampa, Florida and its been at least a decade where I haven't been able to ride regularly. I went from sleeping at the farm and riding everyday to barely riding a few times a year. I'm a few thousand miles away from my farm, but just driving around the outskirts of Tampa here, I'm seeing lots of stables and ranches where I could get back into it. I got two baby girls now and I want them to grow up around horses like I did.

I'm thinking of finding some good stables or ranches nearby where I can ride for a few months before looking for an Arabian mare to board there and hopefully start spending more time doing what I love the most. Anyone on this forum in Tampa that can point me in the right direction? Looking for a decent ranch that isn't too "commercial" where I could go and spend hours at a time without imposing on anyone. If anyone knows anyone or any place, I'd really appreciate the help!

Thank you.



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Feb 11, 2017
United States
Hello and welcome:)

I am several hours north of you in Tennessee. The only help I can offer is the link to Newhorse.com

Click on the link you want, then click on the “narrow by region” blue button inside that link. Hopefully you will find something. You can also ask at local tack shops and feed stores if you want a barn that is more or less off the beaten path:)

Certain areas of Florida are a hotbed of horse activity of every venue. Hopefully you can find something that meets all your needs:)
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