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Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
I have just had Rubic to stay again, she came last October if you remember to help me while my boss was on honeymoon, but this time there was less work and nicer weather! She arrived on the Thursday night ferry, and this time, no loose horses to collect in the middle of the night... our neighbour has now made her field gates pony-proof ;)

Friday was my day off and Rubic was tired from her journey so we got up late, had a leisurely brekkie and trundled outside at about 11am. We went for a little hack with Annie and Picasso, and took it easy as Rubic tore her hamstring a few weeks ago and didn't know how her leg would hold up to riding. Annie was a good girl for her and there was no pain so that was a relief, as we wanted to go for a nice long hack later in her visit. Mouse had a lunge after that, and then I spent ages faffing with his feet, I've had his front shoes taken off as he's got thrush and the beginnings of WLD. Before we knew it it was about 3pm! We had lunch (both very hungry by this point) and chilled out for a bit, then took Pif & Paf up to the yard for a lunge and some loose-jumping. We finished the day going out for dinner at the pizzeria - nom nom! - and my boss loaned us her 4x4 so Rubic got to drive a big car for the first time... with the seat brought right forwards she just about managed to peer over the steering wheel :p but she did a nifty job of parking to be fair! Pizza was fab as usual and we also had some VERY naughty ice-cream desserts :cool:

My boss and I were competing at the weekend, so Rubic got roped into being chief horse-holder and camerawoman. On Saturday our first class was at 1.30pm so we mucked out the whole yard before we left - Rubic had of course guessed that she would muck out a stable or two while she was here ;) - and then had lunch at the show. Jam and I had a nice round in the 1.05m, though had 2 down, and it was nice to get a chance to show Rubic what a lovely chap he is to jump. We got back from the show around 7pm, fed everyone, and then Rubic and I had fish for dinner (yum!).

We had a similar day on Sunday with the same hours etc. Jam did some showing off and we went clear in the 1.10m (only 14 did as it was technical and the time was very tight), then we had a couple down in the jumpoff but finished a respectable 13th out of 75. It was fab as I'd been going on to Rubic the day before about how I'd never had a clear round at that venue and Sunday was the last time I'd ever ride there and I wouldn't get a clear because I never had any luck :p My boss didn't get into the jumpoff of her last class so we got back around the same time as Saturday and her OH did us a barbecue to eat up at the flat.

Monday was my day off for this week so in the morning we drove into the next county to visit Mouse's potential loan home. I'd met the woman already and she'd met Mouse so I just wanted to check out her setup and the condition of her horses before I committed to anything. (I will do a separate thread about this).
Aside from turning at one junction on the wrong side of the road :p Rubic's big-car driving was very good. You know, for a small person ;) Here's a pic which kind of shows how far forward her seat was in comparison to mine ;)

DSC01453 (800x533).jpg

On the way back we made a detour to a nearby town called Flers hoping to stop for lunch but being Monday most places were closed and it was a bit of a dump really so we just walked around and then left! Got home around 2.30pm and had a late lunch - we were both starving by then! - and then chilled for an hour or so before going up to the yard for a nice long hack. Rubic rode Annie, I rode a bike and we went out for just under 2 and a half hours. It was sunny but cool so pretty much perfect for a long ride (especially as I haven't cycled in god knows how long!).

DSC05503 (800x600).jpg DSC05505 (800x600).jpg DSC05507 (600x800).jpg DSC05512 (800x600).jpg

Annie was perfect as usual and I think Rubic had fun, especially with the cantery bits and laughing at me pedalling furiously to catch up with them when they were cantering uphill :D Here they are having a lollop around a friend's field on the way home.

We got back around 6.30pm and my boss's mum borrowed Rubic to go out on the carriage with her and Pif & Paf.

For the next three days we had a normal routine on the yard etc. Rubic had been missing the gym since she injured her hamstring so I think it was nice of us to let her do some mucking out to keep her muscles ticking over ;) Tuesday and Wednesday we went for a hack before lunch (Rubic rode 2 of the smaller horses, because we were thinking of her leg, not because she's short :p) and in the afternoons she went out on the carriage again. On Wednesday evening I offered Rubic a ride on Annie in the school but she was a bit knackered so I rode her myself, little bit of flatwork then did some jumping and showed Rubic how whizzy and confident Annie has become since they jumped together last year.
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lifelong sufferer of restless brain syndrome
Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
Thursday was Rubic's last day.
Same again with mucking out and a hack in the morning, then in the afternoon my boss was away for a lesson so Rubic and I worked the last horses to need exercising. She had a ride on Jam in the school which she seemed to enjoy and was especially happy because they ended up doing flying changes which she has never done before :cool:
Once they were all done there was still time for her to ride Annie a final time. They did some stuff on the flat, got on really well and Annie showed off how much she's come on since last year. Then I got Rubic to take her over some canter poles and gradually put bits up until they did this little grid. Think they had fun :)

DSC01459 (800x712).jpg DSC01464 (800x679).jpg DSC01469 (800x686).jpg DSC01473 (800x669).jpg DSC01479 (800x624).jpg DSC01481 (800x715).jpg DSC01485 (800x736).jpg DSC01487 (800x585).jpg DSC01493 (790x800).jpg DSC01498 (800x622).jpg

Finally Rubic went on the carriage again. We had my boss, her OH and a friend over for dinner so a nice big chatty meal - though poor Rubic had to wait a bit longer for her main course, my boss's mum did her something different to us as she doesn't like cheesy sauces (*cough* weirdo *cough*) but forgot to put it in the oven :D Apple pie for dessert to finish off.

Hope you had a good week Rubic! Are you suuure you don't want a horse now...? Cos Annie kind of suits you :p


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Apr 15, 2012
I've only just seen this! Really not been on a lot recently with various stuff going on. I've not ridden since that last little ride on Annie. Was nice to watch again, thank you Joosie ;)
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Apr 15, 2012
I'm just looking at the pictures wondering what it would be like to be in the sun. Looks so lovely and warm.

Ah it was lovely. Came back and went straight to Blair Castle horse trials the next day and got soaked through! I've forgotten what riding and sunshine are now :p
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