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Apr 6, 2021
Short story - yep thing ulcers are back. Going by the same symptoms being back we are not going to scope and just start on meds again. Try for 2 weeks, if improvements then do another 2 weeks so he has had the full course. If not better then we will investigate poll/neck.

Long story. He was trotted up and vet feels he is moving brilliantly. His hock arthritis was quite bad when we xrayed and he was badly dragging his toes in the trot up where there had becone and obvious issue. He had steroids the beginning of October. They really helped. But even since 6 weeks ago when vet was very happy with him there is more improvement. He springs as he always has. He naturally springs which is what attracted him to me to start with, even if anyone who gets on him gets pinged out the saddle to start with.

I was slightly concerned about left fore. He injured this a couple of months ago. It swelled up dramatically and wasn’t helped but 2 feet of snow restricting turnout. Vet looked carefully at the time. No pain or lameness. Joints not affected so thinks he whacked himself and basically given himself a splint. It still fills slightly overnight. But he is a horse who’s legs swell when he comes in. He gets a supplement for the first 2 or 3 months when he comes in overnight. But of course I had jumped to a neurological issue in poll affecting that front leg as he can be sticky to lift it. Vet again checked very carefully, trotted up and it’s fine. Felt if it was a nerve thing he would be lame and if not there would some sort of change in gait. He also trotted up with his nose on the floor and walked stretching down, stretched evenly both sides. He has been taught to stretch down on the lunge and he l showing it off. So he felt if there was a spinal issue he simply couldn’t move his body the way he is.

However it would be very possible to take him to vets and X-ray from poll to back of saddle area. He did toss his head once when trotting up. So minor head shaking/migraine type thing?

He is also had the go ahead for turn out 24/7. It is due to be down to 0 tonight but he is fat, he has good rugs and so will be fine. I’m knackered after a long difficult winter with 3 or 4 i times a day visits for months and being ill myself. His field buddy’s owner also feels the same. He seems keen to get out so hopefully turnout and peptizole will hit them on the head. Not sure what we will do if they come back next winter!!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
If he’s trotting up that well it doesn’t sound like a neurological issue, sending you lots of good ole NR vibes for the medication to work quickly and get him feeling better and back to his old self 🙂

Its soooo exhausting in winter and dealing with extra issues is just pants, and it’s amazing how much even 1 extra visit a day can wear on you physically and mentally.
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Apr 6, 2021
It’s makes me sound like an ungrateful brat about the extra visits. I didn’t resent it at all but it was tough going for a while with various medications at various times. One other livery remarked she had been there 3 times that day, she normally goes once, and she wondered why I did not respond with a “go you!” Reaction 😂. Thank goodness for insurance as we are about to hit £7k!
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