very shocked at advert........


is now horseless!
Jan 11, 2008
Lovely Leicestershire!!
my friend bought a (i think) 2 year old to find out a few months later she was in foal!!:eek: she nearly died having the foal! but thankfully her and the foal survived!:)


Aug 7, 2007
East Sussex
Last year we bought a 2 yo who foaled a few weeks later ... She's catching up on all her growing since the weaning ;). She's a gypsy mare though so sturdy and built for breeding.


Aug 22, 2005
Where i used to keep ponies as a kid there was one that foaled before she was 2 - 18 months I think.
It was very much an accident, they used to run all the foals together - colts and fillies until they were yearlings then geld the colts and that's when she got in foal.
The mare never made her full height, she was under 13 hh and both parents were about 15hh and had didn't develop properly, her back was too weak to take a rider. The foal was very undersized, weak looking, poor conformation. Not sure what happened to it.


New Member
Oct 3, 2007
South Midlands
Poor filly. Her bones arent grown enough to sustain the weight of a growing foal.

She should be given the chance to live out her baby years whilst she had the oppurtunity to. Some people believe that by having a foal at such an early age as 3 helps to mature the mare mentally, but what about physically????

Sexy Sietske

New Member
Aug 18, 2006
Well as most of the foals growing is done in the last 3 months, the mare will be almost 4 when most of her growing is done. My 3 year old has just got back from stud, she is 16hh now and went to a smaller stallion (15.1ish) and I have no problems with this, it shouldnt affect her growth any but she wont get the work until foal weaned so will look like she is still growing after weaning because she will be gaining all her muscle.
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