Very sad story


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Nov 11, 2018
I didn't know this little horse, but she deserves a mention. Down at the end of our lane, a woman who helps rescue animals with a charity, keeps various rescue horses before rehoming. A year ago, she had a cob mare, very pregnant, who eventually had a little skewbald foal. Sadly the mare died shortly after, so the foal was hand reared, and just last week, turned out into the field. Yesterday morning she was discovered in a ditch, having gone through the electric fencing, and had wire caught around her neck and back legs. The fire service, animal rescue and vets got her free, and literally carried her over the ditch to safety. People sat with her all day, supporting her with hay bales, in the hope she'd get up. Heartbreakingly, she just didn't have any fight left in her, and at teatime the vet called it, and put her to sleep. Poor little filly only had a year of being cared for, having lost her mum, and it came to this. Sleep tight wee girl.


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Dec 21, 2011
Shetland, UK
And that is why I hate electric fence with a vengeance. Poor little filly lass. (one thing, if you can, get hold of a block and tackle - they are very good for getting a horse on its feet - you winch them from the shed roof cross bits and they hang until they get the plot, if there is a plot to get).
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