Various voice and other aids for upward/downward transitions when long lining?

Scarlett 001

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Sep 16, 2003
Is there an "accepted" set of voice and other aids for transitions and change of pace when driving (including long reining). Are the aids the same for carriage driving and long lining? I long rein at the moment and usually use the word such as "walk", "trot" etc. combined with other non-voice aids (half-halts, whip etc.).

Can someone please describe the full range of voice and other aids one might use for (i) transitions (ii) other things such as slowing down within a gait or speeding up within a gait etc. Thanks!


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Mar 30, 2003
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well now ............

I have hears lots and lots form other drivers ... tend to hear quite a lot commands when stewarding at driving trials on the obstacles ;) ,

There is certainly nothing set in stone and while it is sometimes said to be advisable to keep some standardisation in case other folk drive the horse or you sell it - - even amongst top clas drivers I have heard some commands directly contradiciting each other .

some drivers use a "bbbbrrrrrrrrr" sound to canter but I have also heard it used to mean "whoooaaa". Some say not to use a kissing sound to get horse to walk on as in company you will get them all walking on !!! Howver it can be the same whatever word you choose as both ours even when ridden respond to requests to walk on or trot on;) .... I try alway to use individual names first but it does not always work !!!!

You could use any command you like really as long as its consitant.

My choice is
"walk on" ( If I want more powerful one I stress the ON) , trot on ( again for extension I stress the ON)
"steady" to slow any pace down
Canter is "GO"
"over" means move sideways.
Turning is "go left / go right" and
"back up" ...... just as it says.

some folk use gee and haw for left / right and I hear some folk add "sharp" to the direction left / right if going round in a tight change of direction. .... or just keep repeating the one word i e left, left, left.

"whoooaaaa" also used to stop
"get up" (or "geerruuup":D ), "wey hey" or "gggooooooo" to canter ..... or just a quiet "caaaannnter" :) ,

I hear them all ....... as well as the bbbbbrrrrrrrrrr that confuses me as to its definitive purpose an dloads other sounds that mean something only to the individuals concenrned !

as to "accepted" ..... there are others far wiser on the ways of accepted teminology than I and I shall bow to their superior knoweldge always ! ;)

clear as mud :confused: :confused: :confused:

have fun


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Oct 5, 2003
kent England
I tend to use the same voice commands whether its for ridden work,lungeing or long reining.I use a sharp higher voice for upward transitions and a softer longer tones for downward ones.IE going from walk to trot would be terrot on and then to go back to walk it would be aaaannnnd waaaaallllkkkk.When long reining I tend to soften my body language too when asking for a downwards transition and when asking for halt I always use Aaaannnnd wooooaahhh aaand staaand while at the same time immediately dropping the contact and rounding my shoulders and looking towards the back of the horse rather than directly at him as soon as he begins to comply.
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