Urgent Plea!! Equine Chiro or Osteopath needed


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Aug 15, 2001

On Saturday a friend of mine found her mare collapsed in the field. Her first thought was laminitis and the vet came a.s.a.p. He says it's a back problem and called the back person he recommends (the one I used for Bebe) whilst at the stables. She's incredibly busy though and can't come until the end of next week at the earliest. My friend needs someone now!

The horse is 3 legged lame and can barely stand, is on bute for the pain so not unhappy in herself yet. My friend is thinking the worst and although she hasn't come out with it, I got the impression that she thinks this is the end for her mare.

Can anyone recommend a GOOD equine chiropractor/osteopath that will travel to Dronfield, Sheffield (border of South Yorkshire/Derbyshire)? Any contacts would be much appreciated.

I'm cross posting this to several other boards, just in case you see it elsewhere also.

Many thanks
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