Update on Tally and a couple of questions!


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Feb 27, 2005
Hello :) Things with Tally are going lovely :D

The saddler came out on Tuesday to fit him for a saddle, on Weds the farrier came out to shoe him - doing front feet only as has been happy in the past leaving back shoe-free. Then on Friday the saddler came back with his saddle, so we had a little mooch around the schooling area.

However, it was the first time I've had to mount without anyone around. First off, no mounting block, so had to mount from the ground, which in itself is something I'm not good with, but at least Tally is only relatively little, so thought I'd be able to manage. I would have, except that because there was no-one holding the stirrup on the other side, the saddle kept sliding every time I tried to mount. It got to the point where I considered getting my video camera and sending it to Jeremy Beadle! :rolleyes: The girth couldn't be done up any tighter, but it still kept sliding! The saddler said the girth he sold me was good for rounder ponies and didn't slide! Then I had the bright idea of standing on a bucket and just not bothering with the stirrups at all... except every time I got Tally lined up with the bucket, he'd move off at the last minute! And when I finally managed to get everything in the right position, I found that it actually didn't help and I still couldnt get on! Wow, was I glad I wasn't on a busy yard where there were loads of people watching my appalling efforts at mounting my teensy tiny pony!!! :eek: Anyway, somehow, I can't quite remember how I did it, its all a blur, I managed to get on, and we had a lovely little schooling session.

Then on Saturday I went out on my first hack!! :D I went with the other 2 women at the yard, and Tally was an angel. One of the horses was really playing up, but he didn't bat an eyelid. I was so proud of him. The only problem I had, which wasn't a problem as such, was that if the other 2 went out of sight, like round a corner, he'd trot to catch up, worried they'd go off without us and completely ignoring me insisting he walk. But by the end of the ride, I had him standing and waiting when I said so, and I was really really pleased.

So my questions... Is there a way to stop the saddle from sliding around when I try to mount from the ground?

And anyone know where I can buy a mounting block? :D

Thanks for reading :)


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May 8, 2002
Sounds like you two are getting on fabulous!

no tips for stopping the saddle slipping, apart from don't mount from the ground - its not good for their backs either.

My mounting block is the top of my grooming box - it's called a sit
'n' stool or something - got it from Rideaway. Here you go....


and loads of people use these...

which I actually prefer as they are that couple of inches taller than my stool.


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Feb 27, 2005
Thanks for that Bex, looks perfect, it doesn't say how high it is though... But anything higher than a bucket will probably do ;)


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Oct 5, 2003
kent England
glad to hear you and Tally are getting along so well. It seems that you may well have found your perfect horse. Regards the saddle slipping I'm assuming that maybe due to his shape he is blowing out and the girth won't tighten at first. You could try doing it up in stages so as you give him time to relax a little before you do it up a little bit more. If you do this in different places rather than always in the same place hopefully you will be able to catch him unawares before he gets a chance to blow out. I presume that once you are on board it doesn't slip any more as this would suggest that the saddle is not as perfect a fit as it should be. I would ensure you use a mounting block to get on with so as you don't damage either your saddle or Tally's back and when placing your foot in the stirrup try to spring up so as you don't take too much weight in the stirrup. Well done for standing firm with him on the waiting issues. I guess he is just feeling a little insecure in his new home hence the wanting to stay close to the other horses but I'm sure things will soon settle once he knows he is home to stay.


Lucky for me Willow is small and I can spring on :cool:

She doesnt like to stand still and is scared of buckets so thats a no no.
Ive found buckets are good in the past :D When I had to ride Jelly (17.1hh) I got on from a fence (dont ask). She didnt mind. Couldnt get on from a bucket and she hasnt had anyone have a leg up yet (shes only three).

Glad that Tally is doing well and well done for your achievment on your hack :D he sounds like a real sweetheart unlike someone else I know :rolleyes:


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May 8, 2002
Nr King's Lynn
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Glad to hear you are getting on well with Tally.

I have no mounting block so I get on from a gate or fence but it does rely on them standing still. There have been a few times that I have literally leaped onto his back :p

I find that if he starts to walk off then pull the inside rein so that they go in a tight circle and they should stop. When they stop try again. They should eventually get the idea that walking off when mounting = tight circle (harder work!)

As for the hacking - I had the same problem with Cedric trotting to catch up with the other horse. I think this is just insecurity and horses don't like being left alone (a predator might get them!). As you get to know him more he will build up trust in you. If you see it is going to be a problem then you could perhaps turn him around and make him stand for a couple of seconds and then walk and trot when you ask and then walk the last little bit to catch up. At first try this when the horses are in sight and then stand for a bit longer until you can eventually do this when they have gone just out of sight and build it up gradually (hope this makes sense).

You will have loads of fun - just wait till you canter on a hack :D


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Feb 17, 2005
I have the ikea stool mentioned which is plenty big enough to help me scramble onto my 14.2 pony :D

My pony is a cobby type and I find when I first put the saddle on it seems to be girthed up, but by coming back to the saddle a few times I get it up another 2 or 3 holes. Basically I have to take him a little by suprise to stop him blowing himself up. I normally put the saddle on and then do things like picking out the hooves or combing his mane and keep popping back to try to edge the girth up another hole.

I like the humane girths which balance the weight over the two girth straps which effectively means you can put it up half a hole and do it up more gradually. I've also heard that some saddle pads can help by 'sticking' but I haven't tried any.

I actually never mount without someone to hold my stirrup at the moment, but that's cos I'm a bit overweight so it makes it very hard to stop the saddle slipping.


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Feb 27, 2005
Thanks everyone :) I'll have a look around the shops tomorrow morning, see if I can find a stool or something. Failing that, I'll order one online. I really need to sort this out, as there's not always someone around when I'm wanting to ride. Pickles - so its not a saddle/girth/lack of mounting block problem then, as I'm heavier than I should be too ;) I think I preferred blaming the girth ;) The one I have is a stubben trevira cord girth, which is the one the saddler bought with him as it went with the saddle :rolleyes: It certainly looks nice though :)

Thanks for the pointers re the hacking. Considering it was his first time out in a strange place, I think he did really well, and its understandable he'd be a bit apprehensive. I'll keep working on it, see what works best to keep him going at the pace I want to be going at, but I'm sure he'll settle down in time naturally.

Cheers all :)


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May 7, 2003
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Mad Mum - What sort of saddle did you buy???

I ask this question because my friend has a cob and bought a Wintec 500. Recommended by the saddler. It is absolutely rubbish. It always slips. When mounting and riding and is very dangerous. She now uses another saddle she bought for her daughter.

Tally will pick up pace when the others leave him as they are herd animals and will naturally want to be with them. As your confidence grows with him he will trust you to stay at what pace you want to go and not want to run off with the others. Saying that though Captain still wants to gallop with the rest. I don't mind galloping. He does all the work I just concentrate on staying on. ;)

I am very proud of you both keep up the good work. Have fun :D


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Mar 19, 2005
Northern California
Sounds exactly what we are going through! The first saddle we tried didn't fit, neither did the second. I also ended up with a saddle under the belly on my first attempt. Sauvy looked around at me as if to say "You have no idea what you are doing, do you?" We finally this week found two that do fit--they are wintecs though. I actually really like the synthetic because they are light (easier for me and kids to lift) I like the Wintec 2000 and Isabelle models, I don't know about the 500. I still think if it slid that bad, the girth should be tighter.
I am the worst about getting on from on the ground and avoid it whenever I can also. But I have had to do it since although Abby will let me climb on from the fence, Sauvy will not. Step stool is a great idea. I think I will have to get one.
Have you had a hard time fitting a bridle? That was just as hard for us as the saddle. But we finally got enough fitting tack for me and my husband to go on our first hack, just the two of us. Isn't owning your own horse so much fun?


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Feb 27, 2005
Thanks for the replies :)

The saddle is a second hand Stubben. The saddler came out, made a template of Tally's back, and also brought a couple of saddles to see which would fit me and Tally best. Then he took the chosen saddle away, widened it, re-flocked it etc, and when he brought it back he checked the fit and watched me ride in it. He said it was fine.

NoviceNic - thanks for the advice, and thanks for being proud of me :D I keep telling my YO that surely first horse ownership shouldn't be this easy? ;)

Momofsix - Luckily Tally came with a bridle so I didn't have a problem there. How are things going with your horses? How was your first hack? I think my first hack was when it finally sank in... We were ambling alongside a field and I said to my YO: Oh my god! I am out on my OWN horse!! :D It's starting to feel real at last !


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Aug 31, 2004
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Sounds great Madmum :D

I can't mount Sennie from the ground either, despite him being a smallie at 15hh (dodgy knees!). However, I have taught him to stand still next to anything so that i can get on. This can be the mounting block in the yard, or the fence in the school, or even a random large roller out hacking last week, which he woudln't stand too close to, still, but not close enough, as I sprang in the right direction, missed my timing and slid with an ungracious bump onto the ground :eek: ;) Luckily I landed on the fattest part of my b*m, so apart from a bruise (also on ego :eek: ) I was unhurt, and Sen looked at me as if to say "I always knew you were barking". Made it at the second attempt, much to the hilarity of a passing man and dogs :eek: So, it is worth working at teaching him to stand very still until you're on and finished fiddling. I'm guessing that as he's been shown before he knows this perfectly well, and is working out at the moment whether you'll insist on it with him. It's very much worthwhile doing that. If he moves off, just bring him back and insist he stands. Keep doing that and he will get the message.

Regarding the trotting after the others issue. I'll guarantee its just because he's a bit insecure with you at present. Once he settles in and realises he can get his confidence from you he'll be fine.

Great to hear its going so well :D


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Jul 4, 2004
Northumberland, UK
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Wow, was I glad I wasn't on a busy yard where there were loads of people watching my appalling efforts at mounting my teensy tiny pony!!!
LOL..... I would be exactly the same! It's funny how you can laugh when no-one is watching :D

Having seen the pictures of him, I'm wondering if it's his shape that is helping the saddle slip. Plus he looks like he's been groomed thoroughly, which will help distribute the grease through his coat making it super shiny and slippy :) ......so what you need is a starved, dirty hoss! (Only kidding! ;))

Really pleased for you - he does sound like a super star. I wonder if cloning has developed to a point where I can get a copy made? :D


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Mar 8, 2005
It's really great to hear things are going so well :)

I was recommended to do the girth up in stages too, so I always clean off the saddle/girth area first of all, put on the saddle, and do the girth on the very loosest hole, then pick out his feet, do the girth another hole, then clean neck, legs and quarters, do the girth another hole, and so on.

I was also told how important it is to ensure your horse will always stand still to be mounted (whichever method you use to get on :D ). If he moves even a step, make him go back to exactly he was to start with. This process gets so boring, most of them quickly think it's a waste of time moving at all.

Hope the weather stays fine for many more wonderful hacks.
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