udder cream...sulphur....short/thin mane..!


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sorry to post again....been suggested PO and S but then realized cant use it as my lad gets sunburn from time to time so this will just speed up that process and cook him..!!

His mane is growing nicely apart from about a 6inch area where its shorter and alot thiner....

been suggested to try udder cream mixed with flowers of sulphur..

anyone used this..??

I currently use sun cream to protect and esquisse mega tek mane rebuilder with keratin

I want to give his mane the best chance over winter....

here is it as it is now....it was in bunches on the long bits overnight!



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Oct 21, 2002
Would say try Barriers Sun soother mixed with sulphur – liquid solution so could transfer some to another bottle to shake together with some sulphur before appling.

I personally swear by this lotion for my lad during high UV days as he has photosensitivity and it works wonders. Really good for sensitive skin as well.



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Oct 21, 2002
Does sulpher help manes grown then?:confused:

certainly does

do a wee google search on sulphur and hair growth

Sulphur is one of the main minerals that are a part of the body. It will supply the right types of growth nutrients for hair, skin, and nails. Sulphur is also known to help improve circulation in your system, as well as decrease things such as inflammation.
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