Turning out the part bred welsh?


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Apr 1, 2008
County Durham
Truffs doesn't have any Welsh papers so (I believe) he ought to be shown as part bred. Also, his mane was ratty so it needed pulling anyway! I have done two shows with him plaited up and have another one in a few weeks and just want to check how he (and I) should be turned out, as each show I go to seems to have PBs slightly differently!!


In hand bridle with lead slip and coupling (which is better - plastic straight bar inhand bit or jointed snaffle?)

Mane pulled and plaited - I tend to do nine or eleven plaits but is there a "correct" number for PBs? Forelock obviously makes to an even number

Tail pulled

Heels trimmed of feather (what little tuft he has)

Hooves blacked and oiled

No quartermarks

Should he have his whiskers trimmed? Also, his ears? To be honest, I won't do any more than a bit of discrete trimming on his ear hair as this is his last show of the season I think and winter is coming now. Besides, he's still very guarded over his ears and who touches them.


Tweed jacket (I have green or blue)

Black trousers (or would cream be better?)

Jodhpur boots (Black, grey or brown)

Show cane


Any tips/hints/have I gone glaringly wrong anywhere?

Pic from the last show - no beagler as it was WAAAAY too hot:



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Aug 22, 2007
What is he on his passport? WPBs are those with a minimum of 12.5% welsh blood and for showing would need to be registered as such with WPCS, if he is "technically" of unknown breeding then he wouldn't be eligible for either full or part bred classes, but you could continue to show him at unaff level in the M&M classes where they stipulate that unregistered ponies are eligible.

He is very much a Section A type, so personally, if you were to take him in un-reg M&M classes I would show him unplaited.

If he is a reg part bred and you wanted to show him as this, then the turnout can really vary. Technically plaited and pulled is correct, but it's common to go to shows where the rules state this is optional (from memory, WPCS stipulate that enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of the show holder), there are a few I know of that do not allow plaiting. Also, where there are a good few WPBs that are very close to the pure bred types and those that are Welsh x trads, in this case it's common to see them turned out according to their type.


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Nov 16, 2009
June is full but shown as a part bred! You have seen her but we go for tail trimmed short, feathers off, don't generally count plaits but we go for an odd number and generally quite a few to show her neck off. Coloured browband and I prefer a snaffle to an inhand bit
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