turning on the forehand and other movements


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May 10, 2008
My mare is 6 1/2. she is basically schooled a little bit, fab jump. moves nice but just inexperienced.

I attempted turn on the forehand today, and got a few results but most of the time her head was staring at my foot, i wondered if there is any tips to acheive this? she doesn't respond too well to the leg- hence why im doing this.

Also any the basical movements and things i could try? its about time i did something different, as she is very stubborn and lets the rider know when she gets bored!

Fabio's Filly!

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Oct 30, 2008
Make sure you're sitting really straight and looking ahead - I was looking down when taught this so Fab couldn't do it properly.

Also, if not listening to your leg then a quick tap with the whip reminds them that your asking them to do something! (only as a back up to leg aid!)

Fabio's Filly!

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Oct 30, 2008
Oh - ps!! Fab was 5 when he was taught this and picked it up in a few goes, he gets bored in the school but seems to really enjoy stuff that makes him think. Only an after thought as your horse is similar age!


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Jan 26, 2004
Turn on the forehand is by far one of the easiest movements to teach. If you ask them to turn around their forehand (keep rein steady, one leg one, back up with a tickle from the crop if necessary on the hip as Fabio's Filly said). That said, I would far recommend teaching turn on the haunches first! Turn on the haunches is more difficult for the horse, but if you teach turn on the forehand first, the horse tends to default to turn on the forehand no matter what lateral movement you're asking for.

Sidepass is nice to teach too. Line up facing a wall or fence. Open the left (or right) rein, apply the right (left) rein against the neck, apply the right (left) leg. If horse backs out of it, apply both legs and step up to the fence again.


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Dec 30, 2006
Why not have a short session teching this from the ground and then when she has the idea hop on and try it from there - with a handler standing by to make it plainer if needed.

I also wouldn't be using a whip at the teaching stage. To my mind you need to be absolutely sure that the horse understands what you are asking first and it would a long while before I started to use a whip to back up a leg aid. :)
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