Turning horse away >> Do you?


Tilly was backed as a 5yr old. She has been in steady work since then with a week off here and there, due to injury or lack of time. On the whole it's been constant work - mostly hacking from 1 to 4 hours. There has been some schooling - at one point there was a lot - lately not much.

She hacks about 4 times week regularly. Lately she feels like she's not as eager as she was.

Would you turn her away? I was thinking for a month.
If so, do I do anything with her in this time? I.e. spend time grooming etc, thought maybe an in-hand walk to beach? Or totally leave her alone except for field checks, poo-pick etc.

She's now 7. :rolleyes:


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Jun 30, 2009
I wouldn't at 7, they're usually fully mature by then, mine's the same - also 7, was backed at 3 and mostly been in work with the odd bit of time off for injury, hers and mine, but wouldn't even consider turning her away now.

I do loads of schooling though, as she's a nightmare hacking round the fields on her own, but it has meant that work wise we are progressing really well, maybe yours needs to do more for a bit of variety - we all get bored.

Do you hack the same routes, stay at walk or lots of different paces?

Could you do more schooling, jumping, fun rides?

Is there any other reason why she might be different, feed, back problem etc?

Melting Moments

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Jul 17, 2009
Not at 7 no, if she was younger yes, BUT I always give my lot a 2/3weeks off now and again, I think its only right for a horse to have abreak from being ridden.
Do you take the same route everday? she could be getting bored?


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Jul 18, 2008
We do every winter B get's a month off usually december and then brought back into work in January. It does her the world of good after showing all summer we still bring her in and brush her but just leave the riding she is now 9.
If they are already well taught they aren't going to forget everything if they have a month off.
Jo - She's had her teeth and back/tack checked. She just seems a bit dull at times but still has mischief in her.

We go various routes, we do roadwork, go to the beach, go through town, go through the woods. We walk and trot - only place for a canter is beach.

Also, the school we have is very stony so don't like taking her in there although may choose a section of her field to school in.

I've started jumping her a bit more - that might perk her up.

Thanks MM - I might get her ready (got a show in september) and then after that just give her a couple of weeks off. I agree they should get time off now and then like us!!

SH - Thanks. I'll still groom her and fuss her. And depending how she goes might give her a month off at start of next year.

Just feel guilty although she doesn't work much anyway.

I appreciate everyone's thoughts and how honest you all are!! Speak later when I need more advice :)

ETA - This is the first youngster I've had so learning LOTS and keep hearing everyone say how she should be turned away.
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Sorry dont mean to take over thread, but this has got me thinking about what rests/breaks you give your horses, I'll do own thread now ;)
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