Turning away help


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May 4, 2009
west yorkshire
When people say that they have turned there newly broken horse away,what exactly does this mean??What do/can you do with them whilst 'turned away' or don't you do anything ?:eek::)
Thanks for the help in advance:D


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May 11, 2008
Very often you will back a youngster - then turn him away to mature.
A 3 year old is quite a gangley undeveloped horse who is not filled out. We take advantage of this and back them and start their training when they are relatively weak but eager to learn.
Hopefully up to this point, you will have done all your groundwork and handling - my 3 month old filly enjoys her handling - grooming, picking up her feet, leading.
After backing and basic training, a youngster can be turned back into the herd to grow and mature and his education will re-start the following year.
You don't need to do anything other than checking the horse daily unless you want to do more - there are no hard and fast rules.


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May 7, 2008
Victoria, Australia
Rabo's given you a good description of the term.

I don't personally believe it's a good idea. I think it's a waste of valuable time you could be putting into their education, and also it's a bit of a waste to put in the time & effort of 'starting' them if you're just going to turn them out to forget it for a year or more. Sure, they remember some, so there's a bit less effort to 'restart' them the following year, but not very productive.

I'm a firm believer of doing anything & everything with a horse as young as possible, obviously excluding things the horse is physically too immature for, such as lunging, weight bearing, etc. I believe it's important to teach them in a non-confrontational way & build a great relationship and attitude towards playing the 'games' you want them to learn. Apart from some *very* light stuff like short walks, I don't 'back' a horse until they're around 4-6(depending on breed & development) but by the time they're that age, they have done just about everything I'll ever require of them, and done it to a point where they're not phased by much.

The other thing is that domestic horses of any age generally get far less exercise than is good for them. Allowing them to do nothing but wander around a soft pasture or such is not great for them & within reason, the more exercise you can give them, the better.


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May 4, 2009
west yorkshire
Thankyou both for your explanations and opinions,I found both points of view interesting,maybe I will combine the two when the time comes and turn him away but do some groundwork things with him:rolleyes::D;)
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