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Sep 11, 2004
north yorkshire moors
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Given up today with slipping saddle despite trying all advice offered through this forum previously. Master saddler fitter came out and told me all the problems of conformation and suggested treeless ( despite losing a sale!) Now faced with the problem of which one. My saddle company saddle boasted stirrup bars set back, but this seems to have caused part of the problem of saddle slip forward so I'm concerned that the Heather Moffett may have the samd problem. The Ansur is so expensive. the Trekker just looks odd.

Need it for hacking and daughter to jump ( though not expecting her to compete)

Any ideas gratefully received


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Dec 30, 2000
Not sure why the stirrup bars being set back would make the saddle slip forward :confused: that's more of a girth thing...

What's your budget?

If you don't like the Trekker style of saddle there are still options:

Second hand Flexion SBS (about £750)
Fhoenix (brand new for £1095 or secondhand for £850-ish)
Freeform (around £745)
Sensation Pad (£695)

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Jun 21, 2004
In my jods!
Why not get a Fhoenix on trial? Don't forget that there are different options to choose from (suberpad and prolite) so there *should* be something to suit you.

I don't understand why set back stirrup bars should cause a problem either :confused:

Why not go onto Enlightened Equitation and speak to either Nix or JillShep who can help you with your choices?


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Jan 17, 2006
The freeform is amazingly stable and looks normal - I just fell in love with the fhoenix so have one on trial this week. Really though, most companies do trials, try lots, and you will be able to see which ones fit you and your horse.


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Apr 20, 2003
ive got a fhoenix gp for my tb (tho i use it on all 5 of my horses when i ride them) and really like it, it makes my leg position so secure in trot, we really used to have a problem with this in our ansur konklusion (the jumping saddle) so didnt tend to trot very much and its very comfy (tho i have the princess and the pea problem and use a seatsaver aswell:eek: ).
i havent had a problem with the fhoenix slipping forward, even on my slightly down hill no withered, no shouldered pony, it sits further back aswell as most saddle sit up her neck as she has a forward girth groove.
this is an awful picture of my jumping in the fhoenix

the cob in the picture has an ansur classic of his own (the dressage version) and although it is straight cut i have jumped 3foot in it.
a pic

ive got a trekker talent who i have used on loads of horses and havent found ne that dislikes it yet, im breaking my welsh cob in with it and it does feel different compared to a more conventional looking treeless.
i also have a trekker dressage saddle that im using on a very green and spooky pony, it fits him so nicely and and it very secure. it is quite straight cut but with my stirrup son the back setting i can get a decent bend in my leg:)


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Sep 11, 2004
north yorkshire moors
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Thanks for the help and advice I'm a real ditherer but I do so want to get things right. We are relatively novice horse owners ( 18 months though had a pony for 3 years before that) and trying natural horsemanship methods ( no specific discipline) so the saddle is pretty important. I'm hoping that if I get it right I won't have huge huge bruises on my back from being thrown over the shoulder as my 14.3 bucks into canter. At my great age ( mid 50s) I don't bounce and I find it hard to pick up my spirits again.


Jan 3, 2003
I have the Barefoot Cheyenne for the same reason as you - saddle fit problems - which wouldn't be one of your options as it is similar to the Trekker Talent, however just wanted to say that even on ponies who normally cause saddles to slip forward this has not been a problem with the treeless (even though the Barefoot has the set back stirrups), plus I have found that it is more secure to ride in than a conventional saddle as it has the higher pommel and cantle, I am a convert! :)


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May 2, 2006
Torsion? Very comfy - not sure how much they are new as ours came with the horse.
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