Trec and a steam train.


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Oct 29, 2007
Brighton, East Sussex
Izzy and I went to a Trec day on Sunday and had a very exciting time. Am still waiting for pro pics as I went on my own.

Didn't get off to a great start as I got the lorry stuck in the mud in the entrance. Very embarrassing and I showed my bimboness as the tractor guy asked me where various bits were on my lorry and I had no clue. Anyway, he managed to pull us out and by that time I had met quite a few people which was good.:wink: And he was quite a hotty too.:mstickle:

On my way to the warm up Izzy and I came face to face with a VERY scary steam train as the venue is right by the Bluebell Railway. I could feel Izzy's heart racing and we pranced about a bit but he didn't do anything naughty so all good.

Our Control of Paces was slightly interesting: he was still worked up by the train and some of our canter was a bit sideways and we managed to take out a pole - oops.:yellowcarded: Our walk was okay.

Obstacles was going well until we got to the low branches when the flipping steam train arrived again. Cue giraffe impressions. Calmed down to do the low branches and as we were under them the steam train whistled in the distance and Izzy's head shot up and knocked one off. Generally very good though - he really tried and did most things well.

Orienteering - paired up with a lady on a new forest stallion as it was pretty easy going with the rules. Got lost a few times but had lots of good canters, and of course were then a bit fast timewise. Learnt that orienteering is difficult when A) you can't read a map and B) your horse has ants in his pants and won't stand still so you can try to figure it out.:bounce: He was so excited that he didn't even want to eat when we stopped which is VERY unlike Izzy.

Managed to miss most of the rain and had a great time. Everyone was really friendly and will definitely be going to the next one. Although might try to sort out my map reading by then! Might also take Izzy for a 3 hour hack the day before to take the edge off:running:
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