Trailering Bonfire - getting nervous.


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Aug 19, 2002
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Ok, several quick questions. Bon's moving to his new barn on Saturday. It will be at least a 45 minute trailer ride.

What can I use for makeshift shipping boots? I have wraps, polos, splint boots, standing wraps and bandages, and quilts. (but no shipping boots :rolleyes: )

The last time he was trailered he loaded and unloaded fine but came off the trailer shaking like a leaf and sweating buckets. Every time we've walked past a trailer since then he's given it the hairy eyeball but seems willing to follow me right up to it (not my trailers or would have practiced loading in the meantime). Would giving him some calming supps just before be a bad idea? I wouldnt want him too groggy for the long ride but he's got to load.

Lastly, since he will be upset about the ordeal, should he have breakfast that day? (moving him early AM). What if I give him breakfast 2 hours before its time to leave?

The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny and warm (not hot). Since he'll likely be sweating due to nerves, should I put a day sheet on?

Thanks guys, I am a mess in worry for him right now. :(


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Mar 27, 2001
1) stop panicking, it will all be fine.

2) boots/bandages. what do you mean by quilts? if you mean pads that go under the bandage, then use those and polo wraps (they are the things that are made of fleece and non-stretchy, aren't they?). do them from just under the knee to right down to the coronet band.

3)calming supplements as opposed to sedation should be fine - you just want to take the edge of nerves off. anything that is branded as safe to ride them on should be no problem.

4)2 hours before travelling shoudl be plenty of time, but you could also give him a bit less breakfast/make it mostly carrots, so it won't be heavy on his stomach for the journey.

5) i wouldn't put a sheet on if he's going to be sweaty and the weather is warm.

6) stop panicking, he will be fine. :D

hope the move goes well and the new barn is good - have you told me about it before?


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Aug 19, 2002
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Hee, I am going to be an over protective mother if/when the two legged ones come around...

Quilts - yep, what you said.. thats what I mean. I hope I have four! :eek:

I mentioned the move somewhere along the way. Dont know if it was public or private. Too much going on in both our lives right now to remember correctly :D

New barn is 8 mins away from new house. If I left him where he is, he'd be 45 mins away from new house. Plus, current place is colic city :mad: . New place has hunter show in June too! woo hoo. New place feeds hay 24/7 and you have your choice of what kind! No barn hours either! Plus, cost is less than half of where we are now!

I'll be needin some calming supps of my own that day I bet :D


Oct 24, 2002
Essex, UK
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2 tips that came in useful when I collected Murphy -

- if you're giving him a haynet in the trailer (and if your boy is motivated by food the way mine is, it's a useful distraction for him!), soak it first so that he's getting some moisture if he won't otherwise drink.

- if he's a real sweaty betty, make sure you've got some electrolytes on hand to put in a bucket of water & give him a drink as soon as he comes out the other end.

Good luck for the move - I'm sure it will all go well and Bon will be very happy in his lovely new barn!:D


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Oct 23, 2001
if the quilts and bandages don't work, you could go for working boots and over-reach, if you have over-reach boots ?

Basically you want to give support and protection, so cover the vulnerable areas and you'll be fine. DOn't forget tail - when Fi came home from Sweden (6 days !!), they didn't bandage her tail (despite having enough clean bandages for each day) and she rubbed it. Luckily not raw - but it still took a while to regrow. :(

What sort of trailer is/was it ? Fi sweated up in a single axle trailer but is much happier in double axle. Mind you - you probably don't even HAVE single axle trailers over there:cool:

Also, is the vehicle you tow with the right height etc (at the hitch) ? It will affect the ride the horse gets.

Will you have a new instructor when you move or keep the current trainer(s) you work with ? (nosey nosey)


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Aug 19, 2002
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much needed info. and some stuff I hadn't thought of :eek:

cvb - a lady at current place has been helping (not teaching as she hasn't any insurance and I didnt want to pay ring fees - but have paid her - shh dont tell :D) and she is going to continue helping at new barn despite the drive. She looooooves Bonfire :D She's pretty good too and my new found success with him is mostly due to her. So many +++'s there. For my own individual benefit, I have been riding with a certified instructor (same one as I always rode with) but these lessons are not on Bonfire yet. If all goes well with the new house purchase and IF any money is left over, we are going to get a trailer so that I can eventually take Bon to this place to have lessons together. Thanks for the info. about the trailer. I think its a two axel Sundowner...

Things are shaping up all around :)


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Feb 27, 2002
Before I got actual shipping boots, I used bandage wraps over quilts and also bell boots. I'm much happier with shipping boots :) mostly because my girls are always bouncy when we get somewhere, and a few velcro's to undo & pull off is much easier.

I also always use a head bumper. I have my trailering head bumper attached to a separate halter. I put the halter with the head bumper on over the halter they're already wearing. When we get where we're going, all I have to do is slide the second halter off; no changing of halters or opening up the halter to undo the head bumper.


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Jul 15, 2003
Ross County, Ohio, USA
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Sounds like you are all set with the plethora of info you have received! :)

I have hauled in polos/quilts and shipping boots. I have also ( :eek: I know I am going to hear someone say something bad about this! LOL) used SMBII boots with bellboots, but not for long hauls and only because I did not have shipping boots yet and not enough time to wrap with quilts & polos.

If I wrap with quilts, I also use bellboots, no matter what.

If I knew how to wrap a tail, I would definately wrap it!!! LOL

I also like to travel with two halters, leather and nylon. I clip the two safety snaps inside the trailer to the leather halter, and I leave a leadrope attached to the nylon halter, untied to anything (but my trailer allows me to let the rope dangle -- impossible for horse to get to it). That way, if I ever (knock on wood, God hope I never!) have an accident, the safety snaps & leather halter will assure my horse can get out, and the leadrope will give me something to snag them with. It's also useful for my mare who gets VERY antsy when the trailer stops, so to avoid her anticipation of coming off the trailer, I don't have to *snap* a lead onto her.

If it will be warm or if I know the horse will get upset and/or sweaty, I will not blanket at all (maybe a fly sheet, just because I can, LOL). Otherwise, I will put a sheet on depending on the temperature (sometimes his turnout goes on).
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