Trailering a foal


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Jan 16, 2006
I did not know where to post this, and i thought horse care would probably be the place soo, ya.

Ok, i have a 3 month old foal and mare and we are going to be moving soon. Now we are moving the horses in a cow truck (they are much safer than the few availeble rusty old horse trailers people have here) and im planning to tie Magic the mare in the front (she has trailerd before) and Ziggy in the back but how do i keep him from falling over and pulling back on the lead rope and stuff? He is halter trained but is still learning not to pull back. Im going to have our horse trainer there since she has experiance trailering in a cow truck (plus she is Magics ex-ex owner and has trailerd her before) but any extra ideas that i can run by her or that i can use to make sure he is safe the better.



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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I would agree, the truck needs to be really safe and then tie mum and travel baby loose, taking all partitions out.

J x


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Jan 16, 2006

Its just ive had bad experiances with trailering a mare and foal with the foal untide. The mare freaked out and almost stepped on the sleepping foal. So i jsyt wanted reassurance about this. A cow truck is just this huge truck with a bid box on its bed that is railed with wood all the way up to the top (so you can see in and the horses can see out). Its pretty safe as long as the driver knows what he is doing and if there is rubber padding and wood screwed across the floor of it so the horse can keep its futting. Ive used one before and to tell you the truth its actually a bit easier but the only horse trailer ive ever used was a peice of garbage.


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Apr 16, 2000
We just moved the Muppet babies today. They are all around 8 months, They all went into the trailer loose, no problem at all, even the off roading bits over and through a deep gully with the river at the bottom.

I wouldn't tie a foal.


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Jan 16, 2006

Ill ask my trainer today what she thinks but if you guys think its best to not tie him then i mostlylikley wont tie him. Im all about his safety and a good 1st time experiance in a moving vehicle for him.


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Mar 27, 2001
the reason not to tie him is that at three months old, his bones are still very soft. if he gets scared, and pulls back on the rope, he isn't strong enough to break it, and he can seriously damage the growing bones and ligaments in his neck. any poll pressure on a baby is really bad news as far as his skeletal growth goes.


when we had to travel a mare and foal, we took out the partitions and traveled both of them loose


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Jan 16, 2006
wasint planning too. Thanks for all the help. Ill ask my trainer what she thinks and tell her what yall said.

Again thanks.
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