Tow car opinions

First thing I asked was "are you a business" and the answer was yes. For further details please email the business website. The only thing from market place was the initial ad. I checked and the car was on the business page for sale with all the same details, numbers etc etc

I know I seriously messed up and am upset myself.
Yeah I wouldn't be worried about buying from marketplace, but the final deal has to be done in person for me. I saw mine on Auto Trader, then went up there to test drive and decided to buy, I paid by bank transfer there and then. It happens (scams) with everything now days, it's good your bank caught it!
Yes so pleased the bank spotted it cos that would have been alot of post money. Makes all the security questions worthwhile.
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I am so relieved that you didn't lose the money. Don't feel bad, so many people are scammed these days! Good luck finding a legit Tiguan.