Tomorrow is goodbye

Thank you x

I still have the calendar you did of him and Jim @Frances144 , I'm glad you met him because he really was the sweetest lad and as it turned out very photogenic too :)
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Missed this. So sorry for your loss. The right decision isn't always the easiest. Sounds like you gave him a fab, peaceful send off. Hugs xxx
Two years gone and I still think of you every day. I hope you and Jim found each other, your boxes are together and I pray your souls are too xx
How time passes. I clicked like but it doesn't seem right, so I just wanted to say, thinking of you. I hope their souls found each other too. xx
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Anniversaries are tough. Even with time. I still have nightmares about driving home without Sasa, don't remember a thing about the journey just the horror of promising her when we left she would come home.
The gap they leave never really fills, some leave a bigger hole than others. Even the ones you only had for the blink of an eye and who were the one that got away
I always do @Frances144 , but even though I can't go back it doesn't mean I forget. For me the trick is to take what they taught me and use it to make a difference with another, he taught softness and sense of humour and that's just what Luka needed to come round.
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