Time for Tór to meet new "fings"


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Apr 16, 2000
So we took him into the town, as all he really gets to see are very, very rural things.

As I suspected he never even batted an eyelid. Right at the end of the vid a big truck tried to reverse up a steep slope and grounded his chassis, and he just had a bit of a skidaddle.
Thats quite a change from the lanes where they live!! Well done to both horses :D Great step in their training !
Well, he has to learn about the big wide world, no good spending all his life on single track roads in the arse end of nowhere. He did a bicycle and a motorbike without blinking, If the bus driver at the end had not got a move on he'd have got on the ruddy bus.

He's going to be another Rosy Posy you know!
Well done Tor !!! and Hreyfing looked incredibly well behaved to !!
Hreyfing was amazing. Never in the reign of pugs pudding would I have thought she'd ever be safe enough to ride in that situation...ever! Fiona has done an amazing job with her.
They both sound like they're making real progress. Lovely vids. Lovely horses! :D
Hreyfing lulls us into this sens of false security, we count the carting free rides, get up to about 60, nice calm rides, even incorporating a gallop on the beach without it getting out of control. Then one day, for no reason (as is so often the case with these traumatised Icelandics) she will shut down and take off.
Tór is just Tór, he just bumbles through life taking everything in his stride with a big silly grin on his face.
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