Thrilled with ex racing pony's dressage progress (pics...)


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Apr 12, 2004
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I've now had Tia about 8 weeks, and am so pleased by how quickly she is learning. She is such a calm and confident person, which just seems to make her open to learning it all.

Yesterday I had a great jumping lesson with a new instructor, who gave me some good hints for the flatwork - I am so keen to get her stretching that I forget that she needs something to stretch into, so she got me riding with a much more distinct and consistent contact 0 and I really think it's working. When she softens to the hand it feels so much more connected and even the slightly 'interesting' canter is improved.

Only did 25 minutes in the school today, as I'm keeping it all short and sweet, but boyfriend was around to take some pics, so here they are. Somehow they are all on the same rein, but we were working on both reins, honestly ?!?!

Starting in walk... she has a naturally good TB walk, and stretches out easily in this pace. She is more even in her bend in the walk, and is just starting a little bit of lateral work with leg yielding - although the penny hasn't quite dropped about that.


Then popped forward into trot, riding lots of transitions from walk to trot, and within the trot to a *slightly* collected trot and back again. Main problem is she can start to rush, so I just have to try and keep it really rhythmical and calm.






And then a little canter work... this is improving rapidly, as I have only just started to sit to the canter - she is only strong enough to do a little at a time. The canter, unlike the trot, is naturally very rhythmical, but can become very stiff through her back.





Ever so pleased with her.. I then finished with some really stretchy work in the walk and trot, with her working forwards and down - however camera batteries were gone by this point, so no more pictures.

I am super pleased with her, but if anyone has some constructive criticism I will take all on board as want to get it right for her. I know I have a tendency to tip forwards on her - am working on it - she still panics a little if I get at all behind the movement, so it's a bit of a balancing act - literally.
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Aug 26, 2004
Wow she is really coming along, just lovely! :D she looks very naturaly uphill, think you have a nice one on your hands! :D


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Apr 12, 2004
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she is actually still croup high at the moment, but she is so active behind in the trot that she seems to come uphill quite easily (makes a change from Ferdie, bless him!)

she has only just turned 5 though, so the front end may just catch up with the back, if I am lucky.
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