Thought I best introduce....


May 10, 2017
So it's been a month since I bought her but figured I best introduce my new horse Lunar. She's a bay 15'3 7yr old thoroughbred. Never raced herself however her damn raced, though looking at the stats was not that great.

Obviously we are still getting to know each other but at the moment she is extremely sweet, a little sassy too and loves cuddles. She most definitely loves her food so keeping a close eye on that one. At the moment she is putting on condition anyways.

I took her out for a hack over the weekend and she went lovely in company. We are yet to try solo hacks. Over bridges over the motorway didnt even bother her. She does however have an aversion to the cars going over the electric wires on the road, we will work on that! In the arena she is responsive but definitely needing to work on going more forward.

Anyways I will post a couple of links to photos of her below. (I am failing at putting the photos in the body of text)


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
She sounds sweet :) What are the wires on the road you mention? unfortunately I can't look at your pics, my work computer has it blocked, how rude of them! :p


May 10, 2017
Oh that's not nice of them to block the photos. I have no idea how to post them in the actual post otherwise I would :)

There are two black wires that they have across the roads occasionally. I'll try and link a picture!


She doesn't like the sound of cars going over them behind her.


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Mar 23, 2015
It looks like you are going to have lots of fun together - looking forward to hearing about it!
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Mar 15, 2008
It's probably the sound. She will get used to it. Mine doesn't like the cattle grid sound.


May 10, 2017
Yeah she was a little better today with it, to be fair she’s pretty solid with most things. Hacking today she wasn’t bothered by roadworks, heavy machinery or a revving motorbike. A black bin bag however deserved several snorts lol
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