Think I have found my breaking point this week


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
I as a rule do not do stress but this week has proved me wrong and yesterday I was at breaking point.

Sunday - X country in the morning
Drive to Sheffield to view a horse for a friend

Monday -
Private fitness training session
Kettlebell Intructor course
Ride boys

Private fitness training session
Kettlebell Inrtuctor course
Drive back to sheffield to collect horse

Argos to collect new trunks for move
Halfords to replace blub gone in trailer and brake light on car
Drive to Oakham to collect another friends horse that has been at the vets
Didn't charge friend for fuel then lost my mobile phone on trip cost me £75 to replace sim, phone and fuel gutted.
Took 4 hours to build new trunks, move and sort horse :poop:eek:ut
Rode Ginger really late

Drove to new camp to look at house and yard :cry::cry: the whole way home
got home in time to go back to a friends house to decorate a wedding cake

Private training session
Took over duty in work for week,
Tried to catch up on work
Booked movement company
Confirmed house
have farrier at 1500 for the boys need to ride as not ridden for Chanter for three days

friend coming to look after dogs (must attempt to clean house)
Drive to harrogate for a wedding and staying over

I was doing great until we went to new camp saw the crap house that is tiny and has no room even for a fridge freeze no matter how small one is :poop::poop::poop::poop:

The at the new yard which sounded amazing on paper and on the internet was disapointing to say the least.

The schools are great but as I expecting the RS takes priority thats OK I can deal with that BUT the so called two horse paddock is not big enough for one pony :cry::cry::cry: they will need hay all year round which is so expensive.

So :poop: week want it to end now


Gimpy Gimp Gimp
Jan 19, 2005
Sorry to hear how isnt all as hoped :( and yard! one positive to think about is once your in the area, you can then start looking around at other yards, perhaps on more word of mouth basis. Hope you have a nice weekend away, I think you need it by the sounds of it! enjoy the wedding :smile:


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Mar 23, 2012
Gateway to europe
Poor you. I know that feeling only too well.

I try and focus on something nice, to take my mind off the whole business of the other mountain of things that are not going right, then go back and start breaking things down and dealing with them one by one.

Be strong, it will work out eventually:smile:


Apr 29, 2002
Sorry things sound rubbish at the moment, hopefully once you get there you can find all the unadvertised places to get a more suitable place for the boys. Not sure how you can make house any bigger though, is there any outside place you could put a chest freezer ( I have a spare if its any good to you)


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Mar 2, 2006
so sorry the new place is crap (i must have missed your update - where are you having to move to?)
ETA to find your other thread, i had a look on their website and it does look amazing, shame its not great in real life!
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Mar 22, 2013
Awk no that is total :poop: indeed :cry:

I would deal with one thing at a time while looking for a new yard and try not to take on too much and wear yourself out xx


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Jul 31, 2008
Ah bum. I missed your thread on Widmer, sorry! Have you put a deposit down, any chance to find somewhere else?


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
Thanks guys.

Had a real sit down and think today in work! and spoke to a lot of people. it seems that the yard I am currently on is not the norm at all. we have 1 acre per horse most of the yards round here have a lot less.

That plus working out the cost of moving to a further yard with slightly more grazing (which I have not found any yet with individual paddocks plus at least a indoor/outdoor school) will cost me more in fuel, as I can cycle/walk to this one and time then the cost of hay. Plus they have vets next door, affiliated and unaffiliated dressage and show jumping on site twice a month, clinics, shows and lessons so no fuel costs. That added to my promotion pay rise and the £100 a month current fuel costs means I can afford it.

The good out weighs the bad 9/2 it was just a shock. Ginger and I are a really doing well at the moment and I don't want to put our training back to save money.

As for the house, it will be rented we just are just in it for a couple of years I will get over it. Just a bad day.

Grow some and man up that is what I tell myself


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Holy jesus OBC I do admire you!! However do you stay so strong and positive with all that commotion going on ill never know! :tongue:

Seriously all of that and I would of had a break down by Tuesday, I cant cope with lots of things going on at once :redface:

I hope you have a nice weekend anyway, try to relax a little bit if you can :happy: or at least drink a lot of wine LOL! :giggle:


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Aug 22, 2007
No wonder you were exhausted, that's one hell of a week!

That's real :poop: news about the yard, it might be a case of once you're in the area and get to know more local people, you'll find out about the smaller yards in the area which might end up being able to offer you something a little better?

You're going through a huge upheaval, there are going to be bad days, but there are going to be good days too. Once you've moved and you can start getting settled in, you will be in a better position to tweak your routine to get it just right.

Sending you lots of big ol' hugs!
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