The Refeeding Thread


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May 20, 2001
I took on a skinny horse and of course he's on a careful refeeding schedule.
I wish things could happen faster but I understand it will be a slow process.

It would be really, really nice if anybody could share their refeeding success stories, preferably with before and after pics.

I wish I could fast forward to see what the future brings


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I rescued a young cob colt about 10 years ago, he was less than a year old, skinny, full of worms, covered in lice, horribly neglected feet, and scared of everything ☹️

Sadly I don’t have many pictures of him, I only took him on to get him sorted out and find him a new home. But he turned around surprisingly quickly on just grass, hay and TLC. This picture was not long before he left me.
I'd have alfalfa hay as my goto and we fed 2 pounds every couple of hours for the first few days just to see what she'd clean up and not give so much she'd gorge. Also had pasture available. Upped the amounts and decreased number feedings once we were sure she'd regulate herself and went to approximately 20 pounds a day in 4 feedings. If you can't get hay then cubes are fine. Moisten them. If you don't have pasture mixing in a grass hay is good. Adding B1 helps. You can always add a small amount of concentrated high fat feed once they've stabilized on the forage. We used that (Ultium to start then switched to PtoForce Fuel) as a carrier for granular ration balancer plus Vit A, D and E
I actually had very precise instructions from the horse rescue manager so we're good on that.
I just really would love to see some progress pics from others... For inspiration. Lol
No photos of when she was delivered. She was not brought home for safety reasons but kept with a friend.Screenshot_20240707_090137_Gallery.jpg Suffice to say if you put your hand on her ribs they stuck quite a bit above your fingers. This is her 18 months later. It took a full three years before she was mentally and physically healed. Yours will come along quite a bit quicker.