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Jun 27, 2007
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10th March 2010
I decided today that its time I started a log of mine and Holly’s workload. Tonight we worked in the indoor school, there is something weird being done with the surface (secretly hoping its being dug out and resurfaced… maybe even widened :eek: ) so I decided to do a mainly walk session with a little bit of slow trot/jog work.

It went really well… We started off on a loose rein and working into the corners then done some 4 loop serpentines at walk and working on our turns onto the centre line and halting at G, X & D (which Holly appeared to forget where they were) We then done some leg yielding from the centre line working on straightness whilst working away from the inside leg before popping into trot where we again worked on corners, centre lines, halts and I also worked on a little flexing work with her.

Once I rode I had a look at both my T4 and Dever GP saddles on Holly so I can decide which of them I am going to be keeping. I like them both and they both fit her really well but the T4 has the facility to be widened as she grows into her shoulders but the Dever doesn’t :eek: I think I might let my sharer have a sit on both and see which she finds more comfortable. Although really I should possibly chose which one I feel more comfortable in which is the T4 which is also the adjustable one…

11th March 2010
Tonight plan is to school in the outdoor school possibly on longlines haven't decided yet :)
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