The Ginger Child


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Jan 15, 2010
I mentioned our ‘rescue’** foal on another thread and someone (sorry can’t remember who now :( ) asked about her. (warning, she is super cute ;) )

So we had 2 mares in foal this year but unfortunately one slipped her foal early. This meant of course we just had one foal and ideally I like to wean them with a friend. So, I agreed to buy a foal from another breeder who had a single one and trusted them, we exchanged a lot of emails and chatted. Anyway, she arrived and I was gutted, and fuming! She was tiny, really poor looking and completely terrified, the worst I have ever seen, I mean properly about to literally end herself with fear. She was really really skinny, you could feel along her spine and hip bones and worst of all she was covered in scabs. The worst rainscald I have ever seen. Literally covered in thick scabs from her wither, over her shoulders, along her back and over her hindquarters and into to the top of her tail. The vet advised not to turn her out until it was better as once the scabs started to lift it literally left her with a bald back! So - she was not able to go out with my other foal and has ended up being in 24/7, on a heap of feed/haylage and generally costing me a fortune and taking up a load of time. Recently she has been able to go out for a few hours through the day but despite handling her every day since the end of Nov, I still cant get near her even in the stable without her almost climbing the walls. Luckily, she attached herself to Brook, Brook adores her and now she follows her everywhere :) When I bring Brook in, she often doesn't even have a headcollar on, I joke now to make sure she brings her Ginger Child in with her ;) i think we are making progress but it is slow, painfully slow. Brook was unhandled when I got her but geez, within a few weeks she was catching and happily having a headcollar taken on and off!

anyway, pics for you guys

this is Scarlet

this was the first are of scabs to lift, it was on her spine

Im pleased to report all the scabs are now gone and she has lovely new shiny fur coming in :)

**technically she isnt a rescue as such but she should have been, poor mite, the breeder is well aware of my feelings too.

ETA fluff hides a multitude of sins :( it was only on handling her I realised how poor she really was


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Apr 23, 2009
She is absolutely adorable. Hopefully she'll come round for you soon and be worth all the time and effort you've spent on her. Do you think if you separated her from Brook she would become more friendly towards people? Or would that be too traumatic for her?
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Jan 15, 2010
Thanks Bodshi, she is cute isnt she ! No I think having comfort from another equine is really important ; she is in her own stable next to brook at night and is only out with her through the day for a few hours if its nice enough weather. If Brook goes out and she stays in, bless her she doesn’t fuss but we’ve put gate across the front of her stable so she sees us coming and going all the time - my yard is right at the back door of the house.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Oh she is super cute, poor little blighter but lucky to have you now. Its such a shame she's so scared, but I'm sure she will come around, when I got nobby cob from the gypsy-ish folk he was pretty petrified (no way I could walk up to him without him shooting off) but he learnt a lot from my two who virtually mob me when I go in the field, he caught on to that pretty quickly, its difficult that you've had to have her shut up and treat her probably uncomfortable scabs but I'm sure she'll come around.
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Jan 15, 2010
yeh she is teeny weeny, prob about 32 inches at the most and she is 2 weeks older than my homebred foal who is prob about 36 now- they both have up to height parents as well.


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Aug 5, 2009
Poor little mite - so happy she found someone like you - sadly so many in the condition you describe don't get so lucky :( If there is karma the breeders will suffer and you will be rewarded for giving her a chance and she will become one of your most people orientated little herd members. :)
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