The coblet is slowly turning into a dressage star!


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Aug 10, 2006
Well we have been going out and competing the last few weeks in an attempt to desensitise my 6 year old h/w cob to dressage and competing in general! He is absolutely fabulous at home and lessons but competitions he is just a bit excitable and naughty and we tend to spend more time above the ground or on it!

A few weeks ago when we started he achieved elimination through jumping out the arena and if not eliminated then achieved last place with a score of 52%

Since going out more recently he is slowly getting the idea- we still have plenty of fun silliness to contend with and once allowed to canter in a test he gets ridiculously excited and more difficult to control in the rest of the test but he is starting to work appropriately and properly and spends less time with his head in the sky! Scores are also slowly improving to the high 50s.

Finally this weekend we achieved 3rd place with a score of 65% unbelievable in an indoor arena which he is usually terrible in- i think it helped not being able to see the horses and get distracted although we did have the "i'm away from all the others and i hate you for shutting me in here" explosion before we started!

Plan now is to compete all winter all over the place and hopefully start to get some consistent scores- he is good enough to affiliate through the lower grades if i can get him to learn the rules and work as he does at home- slowly getting there and feeling more positive though!

Link to the photographers website for one of the outdoor competitions- he does have silly moments in that test but overall is working quite well really which is such an improvement from when we first begun!

He is the chunky hairy piebald cob on the page- the canter was erm interesting and needs some work but we are slowly getting there- critique welcome but be nice- i go to pieces in competitions a bit which doesn't help his silliness and i know i have many many many faults!


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Aug 10, 2006
Thank you that's really kind- i'm just so pleased that things are finally starting to come together and he is actually growing up and knuckling down!


well done you that is fantastic!!!! i love your description "chunky hairy piebald cob" :p having a cob myself and having a go at dressage, (which isnt your usual dressage horse) i know how harder it can be so its lovely to see cobs doing these things, and very well at it too!

ETA Isnt he gorgeous!!


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Aug 10, 2006
I bought one of the headshots and a couple of trotting ones- it's nice to have the professional photographers there as i never have any shots of me riding as it's only me that goes anywhere! I need to employ a general person for competitions to take pictures etc!

Bless him he does always seem to be one of the only cobs at the competitions we go to and is a little out of place amongst all the warmbloods but the judges always love him and have nice things to say about him and say he has nice paces and could go very far even when he is being a complete fool!


Dressage Diva Wannabe :D
Yayyyyyyyyyy :) Lovin the cob dressage, I do it with my girl and its the best thing I've ever decided to do :D we are only in our first season but we are doing great, so keep up the work! It's worth it!

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