Tally's feet


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Jun 17, 2006
Levin, New Zealand
This was when I begun to realise I had a major problem. This was 6 weeks after his previous shoeing, in September of this year. Unsurpisingly, he was having soundness problems!


Inside his front foot



I got in contact with someone from pony club who had had a barefoot horse (the horse would've still been barefoot but it jumped out of its paddock into an oncoming truck) who recommended a barefoot trimmer.

Tally before going barefoot, the farrier had been in between the previous photos and now.

Fore, outside


Fore, inside


Hind, outside


Hind, inside



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Jun 17, 2006
Levin, New Zealand
Then he had his shoes off. He was a bit ouchy for a couple of days, so I took him to the beach for the soft sand. His feet fell apart, a big chunk fell out of one of his hind feet! The trimmer did warn me that this would probably happen but it shouldn't be anything to worry about.

A couple of days post shoes off, she only trimmed his front feet at this point as his hinds hadn't grown as much.



The big chunk which fell out of his hind foot


Inside his fore feet



And now. Apparently I always take photos of his feet when it's been wet. They look nicer in the dry!




Barefoot horses can do anything!



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May 26, 2006
My goodness, those heels are coming back nicely! You are lucky to have a beach nearby, lots of sand and salt water should be good for the feet - the chunk just looks like there was some infection underneath, and with the lump falling off the bugs will be exposed to air (and salt water), and will improve in no time.

I love your jumping pic, what a great shot :)


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May 7, 2008
Victoria, Australia
Looks like he's coming along very well! You must be happy. While there's quite a bit of separation there & his heels are still high, looks like good progress.

Just don't discount diet as an important ingredient of sound hooves. The separation could have originally come from carb overload & the ringed growth indicates that it could be a regular problem. You can find more info on that at hoofrehab.com & also safergrass.org
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