Tally's adventures...am too old for this! Lol!



Hi guys,

I rode Tally in the field by the yard today with another horse for the first time. the other horse was doing some of the xcountry jumps and I was attempting to school. Tally was very strong for the minute we went in there and was eyeing the jumps!:eek::D Anyway, on our 3rd canter round I suddenly found myself with a giraffe head infront of me and no brakes! Madam made a bee line for the jumps and I managed to steer a tight circle away, then we headed towards a ditch:eek: Managed to steer another few tight circles and finally stop! I have to say I was pretty scared BUT am very pleased with myself that I a)stayed on and b) stopped!! We had another trot round after that and then a canter with the other horse so we ended on a good note and she didnt win.

Jeeze, am too old for high jinks!!! ;) and defo not up for xcountry! Am borrowing a hanging cheek snaffle and runing martingale tomorrow!:eek:


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May 23, 2004
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Well done you!
Must be quite a challenge schooling in a field with a new horse-nothing like the safety blanket of a nice fenced menage :) and if another horse is out there having a blast-well it must be party time :D
I know the feeling-Im week 4 with a new horse and its all about sussing them out and knowing what they might do isnt it, but you did really well
and PS-your never too old :D


Do you feel shes more fizzy then when you first got her?

mmmm... no, not on the whole. She was always forward and a bit spooky, it was the first time Ive ridden her out in a big open field let alone with another horse:rolleyes: SO i guess today she was... will have to wait and see what she's like tomorrow when we go back in the school by ourselves.

I do think she is starting to test her boundaries though in a few little ways - eg stopping dead when Im leading her in, she's not getting off with it though, lol!
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ok, a day later!! I went up to ride this afternoon and when I went to catch Tally she was charging up and down the fence. ignoring the 2 nice old boys she is in with and racing with the girls in the next field to her. She started to push against the electric tape and didnt even flinch! I decided to go back and speak to YO and by the time I got there Tally had jumped the fence and was in with the girls! Once in with them she wasnt happy and there was a big kicking match!:eek: Ive been catching her with a bucket up until now, but couldnt possibly risk going in with the girls with one - so YO and I spent a long time trying to catch her. Eventually she came to me for a polo. She was in a right muck sweat, so obviously didnt ride. She spent the rest of the afternoon in a small individually fenced off paddock with me going in and giving her a polo and then walking away again. Thankfully she caught fine from there to come in for the night!:rolleyes:

All of you who warned about the feed...... :eek::eek::eek:........ she's coming off the conditioning cubes!!! She has to get something with the other stabled horses, so its a scoop of hi fi lite and a handful of fibre nuts from now on!:eek:
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Oct 21, 2002
I was personally wondering about feed. If it were me i would take her off everything so to say and start again, slowly with small amounts and 1 or 2 things at a time hun
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